Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

Woke about an hour ago to the lovely sound of rain on the carport. Supposed to rain all week.

Pulled 2 sets of curtains in the living room to wash. Don't know if I'll get to the other 2 today, though. Out of detergent & washing soda. Using good ol' Boraxo. Need to save the rest to wash jeans this week.
Burning Arctic Blast again. Doing it with the right program this time. I love my Ulead on this computer! I won't use the Power 2 Go again for that. Not on this computer, anyway. I like the Power 2 Go Express on my XP computer much better. But, I couldn't get the program to completely transfer over ...
Deleting more files today!

Had to wash the curtains again. So filthy. I thought I had washed them since we moved in, but now I'm not so sure. I know I have washed the bedroom and kitchen curtains a couple of times. I can't wait until I can make or buy new ones for this room. They are white and lacy ... so not my style! But, the dirt has made them dingy gray. I added some of my mom's Clorox powder to this 2nd wash and hope it helps. Damn, forgot to add vinegar ...
Waiting for a few thousand files to finish deleting from my Incredimail program before I can do anything else on here.
Today is Candace's birthday. She's getting old ... :( Need to comb her out real good today.
I don't feel good today. My throat is bothering me. Feels bruised ... weird.

I finally got Arctic Blast burned correctly. Will watch it some time this week. Didn't get as many files deleted as I would have liked, though. But, I am done for the day with files.

I am debating about opening a new account on Facebook or trying to alter my old account.

OMG! I just reactivated my Facebook account and found a friend request from Darla!!! She was my best friend growing up. We were inseparable! Wow. I have thought about her for years, wondering what happened to her.

Oh, thank goodness. I figured out how to get rid of some of the clutter on Facebook and hid a bunch of messages I wasn't interested in!
Now, to figure out why it won't let me save my interests ...

Gah. I don't think I will be offering labels on Listia anymore. People seem to think they can ask for all kinds of changes. It's free, people! If you want different text color, etc. you can order from one of my paying sites ... or get your own printer ... guess I will have to write up a long list of rules about them ... becoming a pain in the ass.

I did nothing crafty today. Sucks. Wish I felt better. And, I have to get at least 2 stores done tomorrow and pick up some groceries with no money ... tricky.

I am about done with Listia. There are a bunch of fucking idiots on there lately that don't know how to read.  I'm getting so fed up with it. And, it is costing me too much in postage, anyway. :(

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