Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15, 2011

I took melatonin AND valerian last night and still woke up too early. I feel so tired. My throat is still hurting like it's bruised right in the front. Annoying. I didn't hit it or run into anything and can't see a bruise. But, it hurts! And, it's not a swollen gland or anything like that. Weird.

Facebook is still not getting my Twitter Tweets. Did their troubleshooting for it last night. Maybe I'll reboot the computer later.

Have 3 stores I need to do. Hopefully today's rain will hold off until I get home as I have to travel a highway for 1 of them. The other 2 are here in Woodland.

Damn stomach is acting up again. Might only get the 2 stores in town done today ... damn.

I got my oil check today. Spent nearly half of it at the grocery store! I've been home 2 hours and didn't even have lunch. So, I am having graham crackers with butter!

I got a really fun swap today. It is a whimsey jar filled with buttons, ribbons and other crafty things. So cute! I will be able to use all of it on something! Here's a pic:

Yep. I am now hooked on Blackbeard's Island again ...
Better get some needlepoint done.

Got a lot done on the needlepoint. I just had a sale on Bonanza! I sold a Breyer beanie!!

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