Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011

Wasn't in the mood to blog yesterday. Or do much else!
Did some shopping in the rain this morning. Picked up more crafty stuff at JoAnn's; got some swaps at the thrift store and Cost Plus; & stopped at Trader Joe's. Oh, and went to Borders to use the Borders Bucks I cashed in for points from one of my survey companies. I had $15, so I got a Quilling for Dummies kit for free! And, mailed a bunch of winnings, including a Breyer beanie sold through my Bonanza shop.
Got more bead winnings in the mail today. And, a vintage postcard that the seller forgot to send with a bunch I won last month.

Facebook is so incredibly boring.

Check Engine light turned itself off again. Hope it stays off. I really need to get the smog test done next week. I do think it may be the oil pressure sensor going out ... hope not, though.

Waiting for dinner to be served ... my left eye is still bothering me. Feels like something is in there. Started yesterday at one of my stores. Took an allergy pill. Used eye rinse. Still no relief.

Lots of lovely rain today. I got soaked. Lots of birds using our deck railing to get out of it. :)

OK. So last night was Criminal Minds. Good ep. Then after was the spin-off, Suspect Behavior. I did not like the ep of CM that introduced this. I still don't like it, now. And, I was wholey un-impressed with Janene Garofolo. I've never liked her. But, so far, none of the characters do anything for me ... the storyline was good, so I made it thought the whole ep.

Tonight is a new CSI. Justin Bieber is in it again. The last one he was in was pretty good.  Oh, starting off good. Bad step, Nicky!

Just packaged up an adorable stuffed country cow angel that I found at the thrift store today for a thrift store find swap. Something I would have kept! Only paid $1.78 for it as it was 50% off storewide today. It is 18 inches tall, so not a small find.

Stuck in a warehouse with two bombs ... break the damn window and get out! Damn, Lou got hurt! Don't kill him off!! Awww. Killed the cute bomb squad guy.
Yay! Lou lives!
Damn! That was a good ep!

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