Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011

I just won this free auction: BAG OF SHELL BEADS
I just won this free auction: Vintage Buttons

It's been another lovely, rainy day in which I got soaked again. I drove a road today that I haven't been on since 1969. It is the road we used to take when we went to visit Papa and Grandma in Dixon. After Papa died , I never went there again until around 1989 when I was showing Quinn and Gemini at the Dixon Fairgrounds and I took the freeway to get there. That is the way I normally go to service my CVS store there nowadays. But, I am so tired of all the traffic, so I looked on a map the other day to find the old road. I'm so glad I did! Almost zero traffic and actually quicker to get there! Amazing! That road is still all agriculture! Orchards and fields and farms. Sadly, I only saw about 10 sheep. That area used to have so many flocks! I also saw where the UC Davis Primate Research facility is ... grrr. But, I will be using this road from now on to go to Dixon.
After that, I shopped the GoodWill next door to my CVS and picked up a bunch of craft supplies; then to the SuperWalmart and found more craft supplies (used my $10 gift card). Oh, and before I left this morning, I stopped at JoAnn's and got even more craft stuff! I bought a Knifty Knitter set that I've wanted for a while! I can start knitting things again. One of these days I will fix my Sweater Machine, too. But, I have bins full of yarn to get used! Most of it is acrylic and I want to get it used up. I want to just use cotton in the future, once that is all gone.

Ah, if only I wanted to get back into leather crafts. This looks cool.

Tandy Leather
My mom wants to go shopping tomorrow ... so, looks like the $50 Target gift card will be used and the rest of my cash ... I still need to pay the cable/internet that's late and get the smog test on the car. I hope I make enough to do both next week. Martin should be making a truck payment, so that will help!

Working on the last 2 watermelon coasters. Should have had them finished, but didn't work on anything the past 2 days! Will have them finished by tomorrow!! Then will finish the balloon needlepoint and see if I have a frame in one of my bins to fit it or will search the thrift stores for one next week.
Cable is messing up badly. Trying to watch Shepard Smith/FoxNews. It's like deciphering code with missing parts ...
My stomach has been messing up the past couple of weeks. I hope I'm not having reactions to milk again. I thought I had solved that problem. May have to experiment. I hope it's not milk. I love this milk! We shall see ...

None of the channels want to stay in! Decided to listen to John Barrowman Glasgow concert instead!

I'm getting faster at this plastic canvas stuff. I'll have this coaster done after dinner.

Dinner was kind of blah ... 

Cable is working again. Finished the coaster. Starting on the last one! 

I was telling my mom earlier about taking old Pedrick Road today and she said there were a lot of chicken farms along there when we used to use it. I don't remember them. I just remember all the sheep.

I finished the coasters! Well, other than gluing the felt backing on tomorrow. I have to do that out on the deck as I can't have the smell in here. Here is a pic:
My scanner didn't show the true colors, so I had to PSP the coloring a bit. I will definitely use this pattern again.

I can not seem to warm up right now. I'm sitting in front of my little heater, but it is not helping! I think I will be taking the hot water bottles to bed to help the electric blanket while I read. I won't keep them when I go to sleep. Don't want to risk a leak with the blanket turned on. I think it only got to 41F today ... Not sure. It is 40F right now. The wind chill is 32F, though, according to my Weather Channel desktop thingie. Still raining, too.

I've missed out on 3 bead auctions in a row. I keep getting distracted!

I just won this free auction: 25 Bright Sky Blue 9mm x 6mm Czech Glass Teardrop Tear Drop Beads Transluce
 I just won this free auction: 25 Alexandrite-Colored 9mm x 6mm Czech Glass Teardrop Beads Translucent Ama
I just won this free auction: 2x3" bag full of copper colored bead mix

Have a bunch more auctions I will have to make a hopeful bid before I close up as they end overnight. Fingers crossed I will have winnings in the morning.

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