Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 19, 2011

I just won this free auction: 4 Scrapbooking or Gift Tags
I just won this free auction: Beautiful turquoise stone and filigree silver metal square embellishment

My mom is already bugging me about shopping! I'm not awake yet!
Waiting for the oven to warm up to heat my breakfast. Trader Joe's Apple Blossoms!

I just won this free auction: Fiskars paper edgers

I just won this free auction: COTTON FABRIC FAT QUARTER! Green with Gold

Got done shopping pretty quickly. Still have $3 left on the Target gift card. and $20 in the bank. Shocking!

Eww. That spray glue smells awful. Dries pretty quickly, though. Letting the coasters air out a bit before I package them up.
Working on the balloon needlepoint now. Should have it done after lunch.

I just won this free auction: BIG BLUE WOODEN BEADS
Starting on the 2nd load of wash. Late start today. Usually done by now! Back to the needlepoint!

I won some pretty Jasper beads and some fancy toggle clasps earlier, but Listia is very slow to update to my Twitter feed right now ...
And, I finished the balloon needlepoint!! I'm blocking it now. Tomorrow, I will cut a piece of muslin and back it before I measure it for a frame.

I want to get started on something else. Either the dotee doll or the voodoo doll, but it is too dark in here now. :( Will dig the bins out that have the material and picture frames in the morning. I guess I will print out the patterns for those so they will be ready when I find the material.
I'm on the 5th load of laundry for the day. Ugh.

I've got Rollercoaster (as sung by John Barrowman) running through my head today!

I have so many things I need to get listed at my various sites. Too late tonight as I can't take decent pictures right now. Not enough natural light.
Hopefully get a few things up before I get started on the crafting.

Finally, several hours after I actually won them, the tweets came through from Listia ...
I just won this free auction: 4 Sets of Toggle Clasps
I just won this free auction: Leopardskin Jasper Beads
I just won this free auction: "China Picture Jasper" Stone Chips

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