Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20, 2011

Can't seem to get started today ... didn't want to get out of my warm bed. It was freezing this morning ... 32F when I got up at 7. It's up to a balmy 35F now.
Need to get the doves' cage cleaned as I didn't do it yesterday. Have to scrub and top off the fish tanks as I didn't do them Friday ... Have 2 more loads of laundry to do today ... Jorgy's bed and the doves' cover and some rugs.

The needlepoint blocked well overnight, so I can get that backed and measured later.

Still have the doves out playing. They've been out over an hour. Little Girl is roosting on the ceiling fan in the craft room. Big Boy has made it almost to my office in his floor investigation.  Oops. Spoke too soon, he just flew up onto my craft table in my office!

Little Boy is hiding in the craft room.
Their cage cover is in the wash, so they'll be out for a while longer. Big boy just jumped down and landed on Jorgy's butt. She was not impressed. So, he is now under my desk. I guess I need to put them back in their cage after all. Don't want to step on him or roll over him with my chair.

Pulled out the fabric that I want to use on the little ballerina doty doll I will be making for a swap. Purple tulle for the tutu and grey satin for the body. It will have pink accents and purple, pink and black beads on the hook and tail. Need to iron it. It's been packed for years. Need to iron the muslin I am going to back the needlepoint with, too ...

I can't believe that all the frames I have, none are the right size for the needlepoint. Have to stop at the thrift store this week ...
Must find food now ...
I just won this free auction: Craft Ring's 2-Sizes

I am getting so frustrated with Firefox. Constantly stalling and getting 'not responding'. Doesn't matter if I use separate windows or tabs. Cleared cache, history, etc. yesterday, which I hated doing as I had to reload passwords on some sites and auto-fields in others. Still having problems. I really don't want to go back to IE. Haven't used it in over 3 years, I think.

I just won this free auction: Metal "Gold Tone" Wire for Jewelry Making

Finished the Voodoo Doll! It's kind of cute. Just sent the pic to the group.
Going to cut out the Dotee Doll now.

Yay! Make It Or Break It is starting to have promos again & Anthony Starke is in the next episode!! March is coming up!

- Episode 2.11 - The New Normal - Promo

Good Mag7 OW slash by Limlaith - Anatomy of a Storm.

This is an excellent article!

Dr. Mercola
Why You Should Never With TV or Dim Lights On…
I just won this free auction: two plastic stencils

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