Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23, 2011

Wonderful news when I got home. Feds won't be enforcing dumb DOMA anymore!!! Good!

Found out my dad's friend Wanda died. About six months ago! Saw her son this morning when I was getting my mail.

I am so pissed about Listia right now ... Had some smartass early this morning making some rude comments about some of my listings. So, I hid the comments and blocked her. I get home and all the listings she had commented on were deleted! Really re-thinking this site. I've gotten a lot of good things there, but I really don't need the hassle.

Well, decision made. Once the few auctions I have left on Listia are done and my credits already earned are spent, I won't be playing on Listia anymore. Found out from one of my regular winners what is going on in some forums on Listia and I'm not playing that game. Way too childish. I'll be concentrating on Bonanza, Etsy and eBay in the future. And, I hope to eventually figure out how to do a shopping cart on my website and sell directly that way ... will take some time, but I'll eventually get it going. I'm truly disappointed in the site and the way it handles some things and the behavior it allows of its members.

Just finished another great story. Mag7 OW slash. Green Eyes by MAC.

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