Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24, 2011

Migraine. Useless today until I get it under control. Just going to the post office around the corner today. No work.

Feel like throwing up ... just got back from the PO. Not going anywhere else. I have to go to the regular PO tomorrow, which I don't like to go to. I usually go to the PO annex in BelAir market around the corner from me, but they can't do international mail that requires a customs form! I did not know that. The swap I am sending to Italy needs one. Oh, well. Tomorrow is the deadline for sending it, so will have to.
I have an ATC and some homemade cards to get made today for swaps due tomorrow. So, hope this migraine lets up by this afternoon!

Listia actually did something I asked for quickly! One of the people I was having problems with yesterday and had blocked had bid on one of the auctions I had listed before I blocked her. I asked Listia to remove the auction and they actually did it! I will relist it later. Now, if they'd just answer a question I submitted 2 weeks ago!

WooHoo! I just won this free auction: Beading Loom Used up more than half the credits I have left! I have one, but it is metal and I never really liked using it. May just have to list it somewhere ... probably on Bonanza.

I need to eat something, but feel too sick. Apple cider isn't enough.

Just joined a bunch of new swaps on swap-bot!

Migraine still present. But, I have to make some ATCs for swaps due tomorrow. Shouldn't take too long ...
That is IF my damn PSP would read my printer! Ugh!

Got curious and surfed around. Found out when Eric Close's new show, Chaos, starts. April 1! Looking forward to it. Looks like it will be a fun show. Certainly not as serious as Without A Trace was!

Big thunder boom and some rain. Didn't last long. :(

Just finished an ATC for a swap. Kind of cute.
Now to make a set of greeting cards for a swap.

Done with the cards. Caught up on all my swaps except a fabric swap that will be partnered tomorrow. Signed up for about a dozen more that are going to be partnered next week. Fun!

Caught up with all my surveys that I hadn't done in 2 weeks! Have to stop doing that. I miss out on points!!

Still have a migraine! Viola offered to help me tomorrow, so will meet her in Sacramento at one of my Staples stores. Hopefully, we will get all three done and I will be caught up.

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