Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

So glad it is Friday. It's not going to be an easy day. Still have a migraine. Have to drive through a storm to get to my Sacramento stores to meet Viola. Good she's going to help me. So, hopefully, I won't be out too long today.
Jorgy didn't want to potty this morning in the rain, so had to put her back to bed for an hour. I am soaked. Just took her out again and she finally went.

I heard from Darla!!!! She responded to my Facebook friend acceptance thingie. Have her email address and will write her this afternoon. Nervous. Have not seen her in nearly 30 years. OMG! Can't believe it has been that long!

Lights keep blinking like the power wants to go out. Power is out in some of the foothill counties due to snow. Storm has let up a bit now and see some blue patches, but supposed to rain throughout the day.

Can someone tell the elephant to finish crushing my head and get it over with ... :(

I need to go through all of my website info on my main website and figure out how to add a cart and that sort of thing to sell things directly this weekend. I hope my head clears up tonight ... I've wanted to do it for years, which is why I started paying for this particular site! I need to get going or I am going to continue to waste all that money!

I am really enjoying swap-bot, so far. I wonder if there are any other reliable swap sites like it? Will have to check around. It is really getting me to concentrate on certain crafts. And, I am getting into the coupon swapping, too!

Got all 3 of my Staples stores done! Had some real downpours out there. Glad Viola helped today.
I had to get customs forms for my package to Italy. I forgot about that sort of thing for international packages. It's been a few years since I sent anything bigger than a letter size overseas. Picked up a few extras for the future.

Must find food. Headache is nearly gone. Yay!!

I wonder if all the rain is done. Sun is out now. Too bad. It was a nice storm earlier.

Just finished writing a long email to Darla. I am so nervous. I hope she doesn't live far. I'd love to be able to visit.  I can't believe how much I've missed her. We were so close as kids. From 9-17 years old. And, then sporadic for the next couple of years and then never saw or heard from her again after I was about 21. Sucks. Tried to track her down a few times, but no luck.
Funny that her last name now is the same as one of my mom's relatives, Titus. I know it is no relation, though as that line died last year, sadly.
Can't wait to hear back from her.

Much better now! Headache all gone. Stomach feeling better, too.
Oh, I got a pair of Fiskars paper cutting scissors (have a scalloped edge) and a vintage turquoise and silver filagree thingie that I will use on some jewelry eventually, from Listia winnings in the mail yesterday.

I just won this free auction: Table Settings for Plastic Canvas leaflet

I really hate it when people who mail stuff with delivery confirmation on it start bugging me that I have received it so why haven't I given feedback. Delivery confirmation only tells you that it was put into a mailbox for a certain address. It does NOT mean it has been received by the person it was mailed to! My mail comes in the late afternoon. The mail box is about a half mile from my home. I pick it up the following morning! Grrr. If you want to be sure an actual person received something, pay for signature confirmation!

Another really good, fun Mag7 OW slash story, In Between by MAC.

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