Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

OK. I'm going to try to get back to doing this blog daily!

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I serviced a CVS store this morning ... and I had to go to WalMart and buy a new mini filter for Blush's little tank. I think the motor burned out on the other one. Didn't notice until last night as he was looking sluggish. He seems to have perked up already since I put the new one in when I got home.

Must find lunch now.
Ah, chicken quesadillas. Always a good choice!
Went out and trimmed the mums and the cabbage flowers and pulled some weeds. The brick box is starting to look good again. Lots of flowers are blooming. Still have some more weeds to pull. Then, I'll add some topsoil. Hopefully tomorrow after work. Then I'll take a picture!

Going to add some more things to Listia.
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I cannot get the rosemary smell off my hands!

Ugh. Just got news I didn't want. A 'relative' I hate is in town. If he steps foot on my property I'll call the cops. His mother is harassing others in the family to get addresses/phone numbers of everyone to have a get-together. NO ONE wants anything to do with these asses!!! They are the reason we left Florida!!
Now I'm stressed and don't want to do anything ...

Just finished reading Calf Killer by Cobalt. Very good Mag7 slash.
Going to sit outside and read a chapter or 2 of Dresden Files #7. It's really nice outside. 67F and no wind.

Just finished All For One by JJJunky. Mag7 OW Gen.

The mourning dove came by to eat again today. Hopefully, coo will spread and more will come by this year. The purple finches don't seem to mind sharing!

Gah! I LOVE Little Britches stories!! Just finished this one in the Mag7 OW AU - Second Chances by JJJunky.

Mag7 OW Gen. Manifest Destiny by JJJunky. Very good.

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