Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to meeee. Yeah, right.

Don't know what I want to eat. Got all the critters inside and out fed. I have a persistent headache from the wind we had the other day. Not a migraine, thank goodness.
Need to eat something and then go out and pull weeds.

Sucks that almost every penny in my checking will go to pay the car reg. tomorrow. And, will have to get a red extension sticker since I haven't gotten it smogged yet ...

Going to cut some lavender, rosemary and catnip to dry. I'm going to start listing them on Listia, I think. As well as make some things with them. I have LOTS of it!  Need to run a line either in the laundry room or the kitchen to hang them. Will do that this weekend.

Done with weeding along the front walkway.

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Scrubbed all the rails on the deck. I love having the outside birds visiting, but they sure can make a mess!

Doing some needlepoint while watching FoxNews to see what's going to happen in Egypt.

Tahrir Square is like a trainwreck. I want to keep watching. But, of course my mom is bored, so she changed the damn channel. Grr. But, heard most of Mubarek's speech. Knew he wouldn't step down until Sept. Too bad.
At least I got 2 more colors done on the balloon needlepoint project.
Need to print some more labels and then go clean my bathroom sink area.

The neighbors around the corner are building a new deck. The pounding is so annoying. But, I am jealous! I wish I had the money to build the deck and ramp I want under the carport ... Will have to wait probably a couple more years ...

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My hands are so dry today. Have to start using the coconut oil again. Haven't used it for a while.
Just signed up for a bunch of swaps at swap-bot. Mostly coupon or craft swaps.

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