Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

Well, my day was blown this morning by the DMV. I was there nearly two hours just to get my sticker tags! Waited over an hour in line just to get a number to sit for another 30+ minutes. Then it took all of 15 seconds to get the tags! Ridiculous! I really need to find the office in Davis in the future. The Woodland office is a joke! I was too annoyed to do anything else, so came home!

I got some fun stuff in the mail! Voodoo doll with cute swap-bot pins stuck in it; coupons; cute button ATCs; plastic canvas circles I won on Listia and a garden apron from National Home Gardening club. I'm sending back the book they sent. I don't want them to send any more!

Crap. No Glee tonight. Stupid American Idol ... yuck.

Where has this day gone. I've been reading fanfic for most of it!

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