Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

No rain yet! But, cloudy.
Have one store to service today and then going to Trader Joe's for some things. I should go to Wave's office and find out more about their phone service ... we'll see.

I need to renew my Davis Co-op membership. Maybe I will go there instead of TJ's ... hmmm.

Damn. I spent more money than I had, so had to transfer some around. Hate when I do that. And, I didn't even renew my membership! Have 3 more weeks until it is due, but still. I should have ...
I got some cute fancy stick pins in the mail along with a book through Paperback Swap. I am disappointed in it. There was this huge sticker on the cover. I am slowly picking and peeling it off and hope I don't damage it. I have always been very picky about books and having stickers on them is a no-no! I may just put it back on my wishlist and put this copy up on Listia or something ... Problem is, it is not a common book ... Tapas on the Ramblas by Anthony Bidulka. I love his Russell Quant mystery series. I have them all in .pdf, but want the real books, too. I bought the first 2 a couple years ago. Ick. The cover is all sticky ... :(
Going out to pull weeds before the rain comes back.

Eyes. Itching. Ugh!

Must make a friendship bracelet for a swap now ... Hmmm. What will I use on it. Hemp and wooden beads, I guess. Not much turnaround time on this swap. I will have to watch that in the future. Partners assigned last night and due in the mail tomorrow ...

Jorgy is gone ...

To top off this great day ... the wax ring under my toilet just failed and flooded the bathroom and laundry room. Just finished mopping it all up and turning off the water to the toilet. Can't fix it until Sat. so have to use my mom's bathroom until then.
This day sucks. I quit.

Only good thought. I won't have to get up early any more to take the dog out ... First time in too long ...

I just bought a new bag of dog food today. Will give it to the neighbors along with her little toys as they have little dogs. Don't think her shirts will fit them, though.

I need some baklava. I bought a big box at the Co-op today. It will go good with the yummy strawberry tea I am having that I received in a swap.

OK. Looks like it's a bigger problem than just my toilet. The washer backed up from it's drain pipe. There must be a clog in the drain somewhere ... It's not affecting my mom's bathroom, so it has to be at the middle part of the line. Can't do anything about it until after work tomorrow. And, I am out of towels. Luckily, I used the carpet cleaner to suck up most of the water.


And, doing all that work, I missed CSI and missed out on bidding on 2 auctions on Listia! Will this day ever end.

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