Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

I couldn't sleep. Been awake a couple hours. Came out here to find that Japan had a massive 8.9 earthquake and a tsunami from 13-33 feet high. Hawaii and California coast has tsunami warnings for the next few hours ... scary.
It's the 7th largest earthquake ever recorded! OMG!

Still watching coverage on the earthquake and tsunami on both Fox news and the Weather Channel. Death toll has moved up to the hundreds.
Of course, now I am so tired I want to ago to sleep. And, my stomach is bothering me again ...

Tsunami hitting Hawaii for a while now. Some waves up to 6 feet high, but no damage reported yet, but lots of evacuations.

Luckily no real damage from the tsunamis in western states. I have to go now. Must stop at Home Depot to get a wax ring for the toilet and a drain auger (snake). Then to work.

Thank goodness I have 3 days off. I am so tired. I got the auger and wax ring for the bathroom and will start working on that problem after I eat.
Seeing some reports from friends that there is damage along the coast from the tsunami already with more possible in the next few hours. Mostly boats and piers/docks. Some deaths up in Oregon. Sad.

Well, I couldn't get the snake to make the curves in the plumbing, so I took part of the skirting off the trailer to get under and find the end cap on the drain pipe so I can snake that. Found it and will do that in the morning. I didn't get any weeding done ...
I am so tired right now. Hope I can sleep tonight!
Feels weird not having to take a dog out or clean up after one.

Watching The Defenders. Don't like the show. But, loving Anthony Starke, as always. And, just saw the first commercial for Chaos. Eric Close and James Murray's new show. Can't wait until April 1! I see some good potential slashing! There will be fanfic to find!

OK. I've reassessed The Defenders. It is crap.

Poor Japan is still having massive earthquakes and aftershocks over 6.2. I have a feeling we may have more tsunamis ...

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