Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12, 2011

I'm up. Still feels weird not to have to be up this early to take a dog out ...

Poor Japan. Now the nuclear reactor that was damaged in the quake has had an explosion and is leaking!! Five of their 11 nuclear plants are having problems now.

Looks like it is supposed to rain tomorrow, although it is very cloudy today. I hope I can get all the plumbing fixed today.

Well, time to crawl under the house and see about fixing my drains ...

Well, the drain line is clear for 25-feet ... That is how long my snake is. It went from the cleanout to about as far as where my bathroom joins the line. So, next I will be pulling my toilet up, since I have to replace the wax ring. I will snake the rest of the line from there. If I can't find a clog, I don't know what the problem is! Since my mom's bathroom and the kitchen don't have a problem!
I don't have the money right now to replace the whole drain line even though I know how, or get an actual plumber ...

It has taken me all this time to get my shower to drain all the dish water out. I had not realized the kitchen sink had been backing up into my shower! The toilet is unbolted. I will be pulling it up after I have lunch ...
I'm exhausted. But, I WILL get this done today! I hate using my mom's bathroom! I haven't had my own bathroom in 15 years until I bought this place, I'm not losing access to this one!!!

I am so tired. Just put baking soda & vinegar down EVERY drain. Now going to put the new wax ring in and get the toilet back in place and seal it to the floor. Will let it dry overnight before it's used.

I decided to get the part of the wall behind the toilet painted before I put it back on. Won't have to take it out again later. Have one coat on. Letting it dry for a bit now.

Oh, this is so not good ...

170,000 Evacuated Near Japan Nuclear Plant - Details On
I'm thinking I may have to save up some money and get a plumber. I got the toilet back in place and sealed. I'm not turning the water on until tomorrow. I scrubbed the paintbrush and my hands in the kitchen sink and now I have water in the bottom of the shower again ... I'm not happy & I am exhausted. Will have to use my mom's shower ...
I'm going to the dollar store tomorrow and buy a bunch of drain poison. I hate using that stuff. But, that is my last resort. I have so much laundry to do!
Damn. Have to change the clocks again tonight. I wish DST had never been invented. It's stupid.

I forgot to go to the mailbox today ...
I have re-discovered ...
And, my free On Demand cable is working again! I can catch up on some White Collar!

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