Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

I'm awake. Sort of. Yesterday I changed the clocks in the kitchen and living room. I did not remember to change the ones in my bedroom! I thought it was 6:30 ... until I came out here.

Looks like a book I requested for my mom through Paperback Swap was lost in the mail ... sucks.

Time to take my mom to a dr. appt. and then to the PO, bank and back home to resume trying to solve the plumbing problem before resorting to calling a plumber.

Hmmm. Just did a test before we leave and I seem to just have a VERY slow drain rather than a totally blocked one this morning. Will get more drain poison today.

OMG! Japan is not doing good. New numbers ... tens of thousands of bodies washing ashore. Several nuclear plants heading toward meltdown.
 500,000 + homeless. Still constant quakes of 6.0+.

I DID IT!!!!!!!! I solved the plumbing problems all by myself!! I've got a load in the wash and the toilet flushes and nothing overflows!! My bathroom is filthy, but I am too tired to scrub floors today. Tomorrow, I will tackle repairing the tile that got undermined and regrout it.

Second load of wash going!
Finally going through today's mail. I stopped and got it when I went to Home Depot for the drain coupler. Let's see what goodies I received! Ooh, lots of tea - 16 different bags, friendship bracelets, and a wonderful dotee doll. It is gorgeous!

Having yummy black cherry tea.

I just won this free auction: Green Glass Beads

I think flexible straws should be banned. Don't people realize how much bacteria gets hung up in the little accordianed area. Ick. And, whatever happened to paper straws?

Japan is so screwed right now. They can't seem to keep control of the nuclear reactors. Radiation leaks still possible!

I just won this free auction: SEWING/CRAFT NOTIONS - Silver Toned METAL BOLO TIPS /aiglets

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