Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

I am sooo tired. And, my mom is already bugging me.

I did finally pay my membership at the co-op yesterday. I also donated to Japan relief while there.

I have sadly discovered someone I will avoid swapping with through swap-bot in the future. She's a real bitch. Not happy with what she was sent, so having to resend tomorrow or I doubt I will get a good rating from her. Some people are never satisfied. I always send quality stuff, but apparently it wasn't enough! Grrr. There was no dollar amount listed, just an envelope size, which I used! But, she is the swap host, too ... won't be joining any more of her swaps. And, luckily, you can see who joins a swap, so if I ever see her name, I'll drop out before partners are assigned rather than risk it.

This happened right in front of one of my Staples stores! Luckily, I don't service it until next week!

Worker Crushed To Death In Sacramento - Details On
So many more problems with the reactors in Japan. Getting scarier for them.

I need to make 4 altered clothes pins for a swap. But, I only have 1 in the house. I don't feel like going out to the shed to get more! I have until Monday to mail them. I am just so tired from work and still tired from doing all the plumbing repairs. I have so many craft swaps to make this week! Just no energy right now!

I still need to scrub the floors in my bathroom and laundry room ...

All I got in the mail yesterday was tea and there was only 1 I can drink. Will swap the others.

I'm thinking of renewing my Club Pogo account ... haven't had it in about 4 years.

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