Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17, 2011

I was bad. I didn't work today. I went shopping! I found a new thrift store in West Sacramento run by a little Afghani guy. I could have spent all day in there and it is just a little hole in the wall! Lots of vintage stuff. I found some things to use on crafts and an old wooden spool holder I'm going to use for my beading wires. And, I went to the Goodwill there and found more craft books I will be selling.
I need to eat. I guess I will have a hot dog. Then I need to go out and put the vent panels in the skirting back on that I took off to get under the trailer the other day. Should be dried out under there pretty well now.
 If I'm not too tired after, I am going to pull weeds. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I won't be able to. And, I need to get a few wooden clothes pins out of the shed to make some crafts for a swap.

Got the panels back in place; weeded a bit; swept up most of the drainage debris; got some vintage clothes pins out of the shed; found my exacto knife; just need to get a good cutting board since the one I need is apparently still in storage ... will do that next week. Until then, I'll use thick cardboard.

Have a load of wash going ... might get caught up this weekend.

I may have to take an allergy pill. My hands are itching ... so are my eyes ... damn pollen. Nah. I'll deal with it.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to re-activate my Club Pogo account. I do enjoy the games, but I don't know if it is worth $40 a year ... hmmm. Works out to $3.33/month. That's not really bad ...

Ooh. Anthony Starke is guesting on CSI Miami on Sunday. I haven't watched that show in about 2 years. Will have to Sunday!

OK. Time to work on the crafty clothes pins.

Just got our first crows at the bird feeders. Hope they don't bully the smaller birds too much.

I have 2 clothespins done. Kind of cute. Will take pics when all 4 are done.

Finished the 4 clothespins. They did turn out good. I decorated both sides of them, as I thought they looked unfinished otherwise.

Well, I did it. I paid for Club Pogo ... I'm doomed. haha!

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