Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011

Quinn and Gemini were born 23 years ago today. They've been gone 13 years. I still miss them.

Lovely rain again today. I sure would have liked to have stayed in bed longer.
Need to eat, then finish scrubbing my bathroom floor. Don't know if I will get the laundry room floor today.

The sun is trying to come out! What's up with that! I want rain!

Got some great stuff in the mail - teas from Europe, ribbons, ATCs, coupons. Good stuff. I hate not being able to translate some of the teabags to see the website or ingredients. They go straight back into my swap bag.  :(

Got my bathroom floor finished. Will do laundry room tomorrow.


Aw, shit. We're in yet ANOTHER war ...

US Launches Strike On Libyan Air Defenses - Details On
I ate lunch, but just don't have the energy to want to do anything! The wash is in the dryer, but that's about it ... I really need to get a move on!
I got most of my surveys caught up. A lot had expired. I have been so lazy about doing them this month! I really need to keep up. I get a lot of goodies and money through them!

I finally got around to putting the balloon needlepoint in the frame I bought for it. Looks pretty good. My mom wants me to hang it above the sewing machine. I'm not even sure I want to keep it or swap it! So, it's sitting on the sewing machine for now.

The wind has really picked up. Still raining. Lovely.

Made these for a swap prize:

Tripoli is being bombed again. Not good ...

And, another pair of earrings for a swap:

And, a key fob for a swap:

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