Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011

What a wild storm we had overnight. I didn't sleep much at all with all the noise and the trailer shaking! Not any real damage for us, luckily. The garbage can lid was blown open, so there is water in the garbage. One of the old card tables blew over under the carport. And, the piece of corner siding that I've had to repair twice before has to be repaired again! But, I can't do that until the storm is done next weekend and it dries under it! I need to check my mom's bathroom closet to make sure it hasn't leaked into it.

Got some good mail yesterday. A cute kitty dotee doll, some vintage buttons and lovely glass beads and aglets I won.

Going to scrub the laundry room floor now.

I can't believe I just applied to another swap yahoogroup. It was rec'ed by someone in another group.

Floor is clean. Maybe tomorrow, I'll feel up to fixing the tiles.

I am going to rearrange my office now to fit the big craft shelf into it. Wish me luck! This will take most of the day, I think.

Still rearranging shelves. Heavy stuff.

Still working on the shelves. It's looking so much better.

I am exhausted! But, I've got most of the furniture situated. The wall has been scrubbed with Murphy's oil; the area has been vacuumed. Several things have been hung on the wall, including the horse picture I won on Listia before Christmas. It's looking good. Will finish after work tomorrow, I hope. Later in the week, all the books and crafty things will be rearranged on the shelves.

I didn't get ANY crafts done!

I have a Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer. I hate when I make hot tea and forget about it. My tea is sitting on my regular coaster getting cold! Mint tea is icky cold.

I've been awake 37 hours. I'd go to bed now, but I want to watch CSI Miami, as Anthony Starke is in it tonight.

Well, damn! I got distracted and missing Miami ... will have to catch the rerun.

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