Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

So much for rain today. Looks like the sun is coming out. Have 1 store to service today in Sacramento.
Hope to get the rest of my books and crafts organized when I get home.

I'm home! No rain, so far, but it sure was cloudy in Sac.
Is it weird not to recognize my office when I came home? Have to get used to the new arrangement.
I went to the main PO in West Sacramento this morning as I had something to send outside the US. I did not realize that birds could still be mailed. How archaic & barbaric! Someone was mailing 5 adult roosters. Wish there was a law against that ...

We are getting closer and closer to WWIII.

I was going to join another swapping yahoogroup, but changed my mind. I am enjoying swap-bot too much and don't want to mess with that! I mailed 6 swaps this morning and joined 6 more when I got home and watching 12 more that I will join later.

I really should get started on organizing my shelves ...

I think I have all my books, mailing supplies and papers organized finally. I'll work on the craft shelf tomorrow. Sorted through all my coupons and tossed the expired or soon-to-bes. I am in a coupon swap soon and waiting to get my partner.

I have decided! Next week the search begins for finches and a dog. I want 3 finches. Preferences - Spice, Society, Star or Cutthroats - I used to raise all those. No Zebras (used to raise those, too) or Canaries. For a dog. It has to be under 20 lbs. Park rules and my ability in the future to lift anything bigger. Sadly, that rules out a Cocker Spaniel. It has to be female (spayed) and at least 90% black. Wire hair or long hair. I prefer a spaniel-type or spaniel mix. Will go for long-coat Chihuahua or mini dachshund. Hopefully, a senior (7+ years.) Will know my future dog when I see it. Am trolling through the dog rescues online right now until I have actual cash and then will hit local shelters and classifieds. I prefer getting one on-the-spot and most rescues take a bit of time and require a home visit. I'm not totally opposed to that, but don't like being under a microscope.

I'm thinking of creating a group on swap-bot. I need to go through all their rules & such. I might do it over the weekend. Need to decide on a name ... it needs to have a 'qu' in the name. I just like that idea ... it will mainly be for crafts and supplies, thrift store finds, and maybe coupons. I don't like doing cheapie swaps like postcards, stamps, fbs, etc.

Well, I didn't get the bathroom tiles fixed today. That might wait until the weekend, as I have quite a few stores I need to get serviced this week.

I can't wait until next week for this show!!

- Episode 1.01 - Pilot - 2 Sneak Peeks

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