Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011

Well, so much for rain every day this week! Been mostly sunny all day and no rain yesterday.

I got 2 stores serviced & bought groceries today, and looks like I made out like a bandit in the mail department yesterday. Let's see what all I got!
Bummer. A return. The address is correct and so is the postage. Sending scans to the swapee and to the swap host. Not sure what to do about it yet.
Got some good stuff. Tea, beads, cross-stitch kit, handmade wood buttons, ATCs, 2 dvds (the original Father of the Bride & Abbott & Costello TV show!!), & yarn.

I'm not accomplishing anything today ... feel kind of blah. Might stay home tomorrow.

I just joined a Plastic Canvas group. Looks to be really active, so we'll see how long I can stand it!

Just cleared out my emails that I had saved to answer ... deleted most of them, they were so old! Still have 26 in that folder, but they are mostly so I won't forget to check on some websites later & sales that I save until people receive their items.

I caught up on all my surveys. So many had expired. I have been terrible lately about completing them on time! Missing out on points and money!!

Oh, got approved for the PC group already! I hate having to wait days to get approved to groups. Going to look through some of their archives now.

Got a response from the swapee. She forgot to change her address on swap-bot when she moved ... sigh ... will resend her swap Thurs.

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