Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011

I got an email and saw tweets about a 6.8 earthquake in Thailand, but nothing on the local or FoxNews!

Rainy and windy today. Have 2 stores to service and going to the thrift store and PO, too. Gonna get wet!

OMG! The storm is really raging. I am soaked! I only did my Dixon store today. I love storms, but not driving in them. I almost got squished by a semi! I didn't even go to the thrift store right next to my store. I just came straight home. I did hit the PO, gas station and cable office before heading to Dixon, though. I think I am going to have to teach my mom to use my Magic Jack phone. I wasn't thrilled with the details of the Wave Phone ... and they don't take California Lifeline discount. :(

We've been having some hail the past few minutes. Very small and doesn't stick. And, lots of rain! Loving it! Several doves and finches hanging out on the porch to get out of it.

Got some fun stuff in the mail. Altered clothes pins, various card-making goodies, ATC & beaded key fob.

Was just invited to a jewelry swap group on swap-bot. That was nice. I joined, but I don't wear jewelry. So, hopefully, there will be some swaps offered that I will be able to join ... we'll see.

Damn Incredimail crashed and won't open again ... grrr.
Got it to open but the junk mail folder keeps freezing.

I want to play Dominoes on Pogo, but all the rooms seem to be full! Keep getting an error that there are no seats available!
Fine. I'm going to go through swap-bot and find some more swaps to watch!

Joined a bunch of swap-bot groups & a couple more YahooGroups. Waiting for approvals now.

Still need to decide about creating my own group on swap-bot. I'm thinking of calling it QuinGem's Quirky Qurafts. We'll see.

Rain seems to have let up for a bit. No birds on the porch.

Just downloaded OpenOffice. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some .pdf files now!

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