Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26, 2011

I am so tired this morning. Hope I wake up soon! Rained all night it looks like and still is. Making cinnamon raisin toast.

Got some cute ATCs in the mail yesterday. Need to finish making my little witchie butterfly dotee this morning.
Let the doves fly around a bit while I cleaned their cage. Need to top off the fish tanks and change filters now.

I've been informed that today is Earth Hour day. This was my response:
"Hmmm. Ok. So, apparently it is not the same hour worldwide. Interesting. So, it is not a constant. It is whenever 8:30pm hits your area. Not really a statement then.
To me, it should mean everyone worldwide at the very same hour ... like, ready-set-go-now, for the next hour no matter where you are at ..."
Finished making this cute dotee doll - Wilma Witchie Butterfly Dotee.
Now, I am making a couple of magnets for a swap. I really have no idea what I want to make, though ... will have to eat and then go through my craft supplies for inspiration.
OK. I now know I am not a fan of tahini. Tastes too much like peanut butter ... And, it seems awfully runny ... But, I have a whole jar of it, so I'll have to finish it ...

Just finished re-hanging my mom's bathroom door. She wanted it to open the other way ...
I am getting a migraine ...

Going to work on the magnets now.

Ooh. Fun. My next swap project is a map! What shall it be ... I think I want to do a constellation map ATC for it. Must look through all my paper stock, etc.

Got my 3rd and last load of wash in the dryer for the day. Need to get my bed done tomorrow.

Hah! I'm making a hardiness zone map ATC! Found a great pic in a flower catalog! I will save that constellation idea for another time.

Finished my map. And, realized partners aren't assigned until tomorrow! Will have to wait to package this one up!

Now I am making a green dotee. Fabric, beads, ribbon are in greens. Need to find something green for the hair. I wonder if I have some green yarn somewhere. YES! Found some.

Done with the green dotee. Gracie Green. Her head is a little pointier than I like, but it will do!
Hmmm. The next swap project is a set of cloth napkins ... Need to forage through my fabric bin to see if I have enough that is thick enough for napkins ... Hope I have something and don't have to go buy any fabric for this one.

Damn. I'll have to go to JoAnn's on Monday. I don't have any fabric that is a good weight or thickness for napkins! Bummer.

So. Next project is Easter cards which I will do tomorrow.

The sun is coming out! Darn. I want more rain!

Having fettucine with spaghetti sauce for dinner.

Really good article on eggs. Check out the 3 links at the end to find local farms. Not just those who raise eggs.

Mother Earth News
Beware of the promises the labels on egg cartons make. Here's the breakdown:
I want another Gemini. I'm never going to find another Gemini. Just saw a story on the news about a photographer who takes pics of shelter dogs to help them find homes. Made me cry. Of all the MANY dogs I've had in the past, Gemini is the one I miss the most. She was part of my soul from the moment she was born and I tore the sac off of her and her twin. She's been gone since 1998, but sometimes I feel like she is in my lap and I can smell her. I've been thinking of my sweet GemmaJam a lot since Jorgy died.

I've been scouring the classifieds, craigslist, AdoptAPet and several shelter sites the past few hours. I called about a gorgeous chocolate Cocker that needs a home, but the gal wants $300 for her! Good luck! I will probably end up adopting from either Yuba or Calaveras County shelters. They have the most reasonable adoption fees I've found so far. Both are a bit over an hour away from me. I am going to try to go up to Yuba on Monday to check it out. Calaveras will have to be later in the week, I think. There are several free or 'cheap' on craigslist right now, but too late tonight to call. Will check on them tomorrow if they are still listed.

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