Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011

Candace made a mess throwing up late last night. I have to clean the carpet cleaner and then clean the carpet this morning. Poor old gal.
Looks like our rain is gone.
I have so much to do today. I have the first load of wash started. More dog hunting online. Must get some more things listed on Listia and elsewhere. I have so much stuff to get rid of!


Have the third load of wash going now. Vacuumed my room and moved the dog's room around and getting it set back up and ready for a new tenant. Need to clean the carpet cleaner and then clean the carpet now.

Scrubbed my shower.

Trying to get my bed put back together. That is always a chore.

Cleaned the carpets. I'm exhausted! Damn soap dispenser has a crack in it, so got way to much soap in the carpet. Took forever to suck it all out and dilute it. Need a new carpet cleaner! The motor sounds and smells like it is about to go, too. I want to get just a little handheld Green Machine. Used to have one of those and wore it out ...

Last load of laundry done. Now to finish my bed. Ugh.

Going to toss a bunch of stuff from the shed - some of my dad's old car radios that I have no use for. Might take a couple weeks to get rid of all of them as our garbage can isn't all that big.

That didn't take long. Got rid of half of them. I'll toss the rest next week, then start on the pile of parts under the tarp. I want them gone by the end of April.

Watching Arctic Blast with Michael Shanks, now.

That was a pretty good movie. Watching Abbott & Costello show now.

Well, that was an enjoyable few hours watching dvds. Sure didn't get my floor repaired or get any swaps made ... oh, well.

I think I've refreshed the craigslist pet page about 200 times today.


Just saw this timely tweet:

Mother Earth News
How to Color Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes:
I can hardly keep my eyes open tonight! Trying to play Mahjohng on Pogo.

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