Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

I only got one store serviced today. And, didn't go up to Yuba or Sutter Animal Shelter as planned. My head is bugging me and my stomach. There is so much pollen in the air now that the rain has stopped and the wind is picking everything up.
Just came in from repairing the corner siding piece. Hope it holds this time. If not, I may have to take several pieces off and re-do the holes where they screw in so they will hold it. I feel like I have ants all over me. There were ants on the ladder ...

I'm still searching for a dog. I keep refreshing Craigslist pet page. I've called about 3, but none have really impressed me enough to go see the dog. Like I said before. I am going to be picky and not just grab the first baby that gets my attention. And, I am not going to pay a lot of money, so that leaves out most rescues and a lot of individuals who want more than the shelters! I also have the pages for PetFinder, PetHarbor and Adopt-A-Pet open.

I mailed 5 swaps today and signed up for 5 more on swap-bot! Tomorrow, I will get the fabric to make the napkins (or will buy napkins if I find a good deal, as the swap allows for either.)

I have definitely lost weight. I am back into my 32x30 pants. Yay! My 34x30 I have been needing a belt for a while now.

Gah! I still have to do my taxes!!! Guess I will have to set aside time this weekend.

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I cannot believe this! Damn former relative tracked down where we lived! Luckily, she stopped at the office, and the manager would not give our exact address out and came by and told us about it! Persistent bitch. I don't want anything to do with those people. Take a hint!

Great. Now I am in a bad mood ...

Feel like I'm going to throw up ...

I feel like panicking, I am so depressed right now. I keep expecting a knock on the door that I don't want. Or, that they will show up while I'm gone and my mom will let them in.

I really need a dog right now ...

Make It Or Break It will start in 30 minutes. Hope Anthony Starke is in this episode.

I just won this free auction: 1800 Mix Czech Glass Seed Beads ~ *Brand New*

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