Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011

Still need a dog and still upset about yesterday ... need to show my mom how to use the Magic Jack phone this morning before I leave for work.

I've decided my dairy allergy has gotten the best of me. I am cutting out dairy starting today ... again. It has gotten bad. I've had a rash on the back of my thighs for almost 2 months. Nothing I do is clearing it up. And, my stomach problems are getting worse. Along with a few other symptoms that I've always had. Going to pick up some coconut or soy milk today. I still believe if you do use dairy, you get as close to the original as possible (raw is best if you can get it.)

So. No dairy; no corn; no mushrooms; no oranges; no peas or pea relatives; no peanuts. Allergies suck.

I need to fix the sliding glass door. I think the screws holding the rollers are stripped. I have to tighten them every couple of days. It's getting old. And, I need to be able to open/close that door often and easily to take the dog out when I get it! Looked on the Home Depot website and it will be about $30 for the 2 parts I need. So, will get that done this weekend. 

I got some great stuff in the mail yesterday. Tea, papercraft supplies, beads, several things I will be putting up on Listia, coupons, and shells. Fun mail!

I am going to call AT&T next week and have them shut the account down. We'll just be using my Magic Jack for a phone now. Showed my mom how to use it this morning. Need to call her dr. offices with the number and WalMart pharmacy. And, give it to Laura (park manager.)

I'm wondering if I need to rethink the female-only dog choice. There seem to be an inordinately large number of male dogs available. I haven't had a male in over 10 years. I've just always been more partial to female dogs for some reason ... may widen my search. Just saw a cute little boy on craigslist ... but he's not black ... hmmmm. I'm also not seeing any seniors that grab me, either ...

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