Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

Stomach is bothering me again this morning. Will take a few days to get all the milk proteins out of my system and the allergic reactions to wear off.

It's really windy today. Will be stirring up the pollens.

I didn't really feel like working today, so just serviced the local Staples not far from me. It's next to WalMart, so I went there and bought napkins for a swap due tomorrow. Then stopped at the local shelter. I sure won't adopt from there. The dogs I checked that I'd seen online didn't really grab me in person. But, their rules for adopting have changed so much from the last time I adopted there in the 1980s that it really deters adoption, in my opinion.

There's so much pollen in the air with the wind today, that I don't want to go out to pull weeds.
Going to try to get a couple of Easter cards made for a swap due on Sat.

Got the cards done! They turned out kind of cute. They are a Spring/Easter theme.

Still searching for a dog. Have eliminated shelters left and right. Still seem to be leaning toward Yuba/Sutter shelter as most reasonable fees and least distance to travel. Quite a few I like on Craigslist, but they want WAAAAAY too much on the 'rehoming' fee. That is such a stupid term.

Have any of you heard of Groupon (this is different than Grouply) and have you gotten anything on there? Do you like the site?

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