Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011

Looks like another fairly nice day out. Guess the storm will come in tonight. I might get to do a bit of weeding again today.
We'll be going to get groceries at about 9, I guess. Just going to BelAir, although I would have preferred going to Trader Joe's. But, Candace needs food AGAIN and TJ's doesn't have much selection.

I'm going to try to get a bunch of ATCs done today as I signed up for a bunch more swaps for them yesterday. I think I need to make about 10 now! And, I have about 5 dotee dolls to get made this week! I may have to break open the sewing machines and see if either of them is in any shape to use without too much maintenance. The one, I have no idea if it even works as it was in my dad's garage as part of his yard sale junk. And, the other, I haven't used since we got it from Betty about 6 years ago. I had it serviced at a Singer place, but that was then. It was her mother's, so very old.
I really need to go through and copy, burn or print out some more files. I still have to make a lot more room on the computer and external hard drive.
Spent almost all the money I had left. At WalMart! Grr. The local WM is not a Super WM, so they don't have much food selection. My mom got a bunch of crap there. Then went to BelAir ... I did find a cool loaf of Ancient Grains bread ...
I got some good stuff in the mail. The wooden beading loom that I won on Listia. She even sent a bunch of glass beads and string as a bonus as I paid so much in credits! Very nice. I also got a ton of coupons through swap-bot and also a nice stamp art ATC through swap-bot and she sent me some nice backs and papers! Will help with the ATCs I plan to make today!
Going out to weed now before lunch! I want to get the ground under the gas meters cleared before all the weeds go to seed.

I did it. Got that whole section cleared of weeds. Had a pecan butter and jelly sandwich on the Ancient Grains bread. It was good, but I'm not thrilled with the millet seeds on top. Read some fanfic. Now, to make some ATCs ... what shall I make first ... ladybugs, beach scenes, Princess Bride .. hmmm.


Well, I made 6 ATCs today! That was kind of fun. Tomorrow I will be starting on the dotee dolls I need to make. Will try to get a voodoo doll dotee, a Victorian dotee, a butterfly dotee and a green dotee done this weekend. That's a lot! Eek. I hope I can do it. I also need to make some fancy hat pins if I can find enough old stick pins ...

Time for dinner. Grilled cheese & tomato sandwiches and chicken noodle soup! Yum!

My mom just put a Glade plug-in in the living room. I love vanilla scents, but I think this is going to give me an asthma attack. It's too close to my desk ... I can already feel a wheeze coming.

I need to clean my desk. I got glue on it when I made the ATCs ...

I just won this free auction: Fabric Pieces!!!! These are going to make some fun crafts!

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