Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5, 2011

Looks like it might be another nice day. Didn't rain last night. Maybe tonight. Will get more weeding done today! Yay! They are taking over! For such a small space, we get a ton of weeds!
I have so much to do today. Have to rearrange the bird seed in the wooden box on the deck. Emptied the 25 lb. bag yesterday. I want to split the 50 lb. bag, so it will fit in the box. That will take a while as I have to scoop it out into the other bag. Also, need to clean the doves cage, change the water filter in the pitcher, vacuum and see if the sewing machines work ... ugh. Not enough hours in the day ...

Wow! I think I made out like a bandit with all the great stuff I got in the mail. All swaps. I got handmade notecards, lots of ribbon, 2 adorable dotee dolls and supplies to make more, and a vintage cigar box full of little vintage things to use in my crafts!! Gets me in the mood to just do crafts today, but I have that whole list above to do first! Ugh!

Had a nice surprise! Martin paid me for last month and this month on the truck payments! Went to the bank right away; came home and paid the electric and phone bills! So, now all I owe is $100 on the cable and it's not late until next week. Hopefully, my oil check will come on time and that will be paid!
Just got finished vacuuming, except for my bedroom. Now, I need food!

I'm exhausted. I love to vacuum, but not with a 50+ year old canister vac that I have to drag around, even on wheels. So, I don't vacuum often enough. And, next week, I hope to have the energy to do at least a little carpet steam cleaning ...
Going to rest a bit and then go out and get some weeding done. The clouds are starting to move in!

Gah! So much for rest. Just spent 20 minutes moving a 100 lb. TV and a desk in my mom's bedroom ...

I'm going outside before I get roped into anything else not on my list ...

That was relaxing. I pulled all the weeds along the back of the trailer along the fenceline. Looking much better. It has started to sprinkle a bit.

Now, I must make a bookmark for a swap and then some more ATCs. I don't think I will get to the sewing machines until tomorrow.

It's about 65F. I've had the sliding door open all day. The doves are loving it as their cage is right next to it.

I made 2 ATCs for a Princess Bride ATC swap. And, a simple bookmark. Too tired to make any more things tonight, but I might lay out the parts for some dotee dolls ... maybe.

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