Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011

A nice rainy day today! Love it. I'm watching some of the purple finches eating through the window and listening to The Bay City Rollers Greatest Hits!
I finally heard from Darla through Facebook last night, but I don't think she received my email ... will have to send it again. But, did find out she lives in Washington ... :( so, probably won't see her again. At least we'll be able to write or email.

Got some beautiful beads and buttons and a Victorian ATC in yesterday's mail that I picked up this morning!
Trying to work on the damn phone. I have pretty much decided to drop ATT & get WavePhone through my cable. The phone just will not work. It's not the phone and not the answering machine, so it has to be the line. Tired of paying for something I can't use! My MagicJack phone got through twice, but then it stops working again. Annoying.

Now to work on the sewing machine.
Wow. It took me over an hour to find a website that had a free copy of a Domestic manual that showed how to thread the darn bobbin and thread, etc. on the old thing. I know I have an old Singer manual around here somewhere, but couldn't find it. Will need it to work on the other machine. Until then, the Domestic works perfectly!! Time to work on the dotee dolls!!!

I got 3 ATCs and 2 dotee dolls made today and packaged to mail tomorrow. Going to read fanfic and play Blackbeard's Island now.

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