Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

The rain is gone.
Have two stores to service here in town. I also want to go to Staples and use my ink refund voucher before it expires. And, go to JoAnn's and one of the thrift stores to pick up some swaps.

I've decided to get a library card for the Woodland Library. I haven't had one since about 1981 here!

OK. I was lazy and didn't do my stores today. Will have to tomorrow. I went to the PO, then to Staples to use my rebate voucher ($14!) and bought some circle labels that I use on the backs of my ATCs with my logo and website. Then, I went to the library and got a new card and bought a Reminisce magazine. I love those. Lots of vintage pictures that I will be cutting out and using on ATCs and cards, and other paper crafts. And, I finally got all my tax forms there. Then, to WalMart to drop off an Rx for my mom and buy some swaps for a treasure hunt swap & found corsage pins so I didn't need to go to JoAnn's. They are for a craft swap to make designer pins. Then I hit the thrift stores! I bought a gorgeous needlepoint kit with a southwest design that will go in my office when I finish it; a frame for the balloon needlepoint I finished last month, and LOTs of hardback craft books that I am going to sell online. One of the thrift stores was having a 50% off sale. I'll be going through them and scanning a few of the projects to keep. When I got home, I spent almost an hour weeding the yard!

I need more light in here!! I think I really need to try to get the parts to remake Papa's floor lamp this weekend. I want to do some beading. I have a bracelet to make for a swap, but can't see to do it this late in the day ... and it's overcast, so not enough natural light ... sigh ... I am going to move the folding table lamp in here ... if I can find the clamp for it ... maybe I will tie it to my crate shelves ... yeah.
Ahhh. Much better. Will be perfect when I get the old lamp fixed, though.

I cannot find my pinking shears. I know I have 2 somewhere ... Must find them. I don't want to have to buy another pair! I have enough scissors around here!

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