Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

Jorgy doesn't feel good and does not like the medicine I am giving her.

And, she doesn't like slippery elm tea with honey ... will try the mullein when I get home this afternoon.

I. Am. Exhausted. Got a store done. Came home. Weeded for a couple of hours. Actually got hot out there. Then had to fix the sliding glass door. It started hanging up yesterday. Today, we could barely get it open. So, I took it off. Luckily, it was just a loose screw on one of the rollers. Just finished putting it back up. That sucker is heavy. I am sooo hot. And, it is only 64F outside. I need one of my ice packs for a bit to cool off. And, my eyes are itching!!! Damn weeds are blooming before I can get them all pulled ...

Going to make some fancy stick pins now.

I finished the cute little stick pins and packaged them up. I also packaged up a tea swap to three people. I love those. I got a Paperback Swap request to wrap up, too.
Ah, hell. I am missing Glee. My mom is still up. She doesn't like the show! Damn. Will have to catch it online ...

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