Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 9, 2011

Ha! I forgot to post this yesterday. I guess I forgot to say good night to my groups, too ... hmmm.

Woke up with a stomach ache ... have to work, though ...
Jorgy still feels like crap. But, her fever is gone. More tea and honey for her. She is not happy.
Great. My mom's big coffee pot stopped working. Have to add it to the list of things to get ... eventually. She'll just have to deal with using the little one.

My eyes are itching. And, I did break down and take an allergy pill this morning before I left for work. Must find lunch and then go out to pull weeds. Very cloudy today.

Yay. Found one pair of pinking shears. I know we have another somewhere.

Got 2 fabric ornaments cut out and sewn. I won the little kit on Listia a few months ago. It is a candy cane and a bell. Just need to stuff them.

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