Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011

Damn. It's April now ...
Going dog-hunting today. Going up to the Yuba and Sutter county shelters. Need to find the map of where they are. Going to the Sacramento shelters, too, I guess.

I am exhausted. I'm not used to driving that much. Could not find the Yuba shelter! Did get to the Sutter shelter. Found a dog I want, but she is not available until next Thursday!! I was very disappointed. They have the strays mixed with the adoptables as they are a very small shelter. She is about 2 years old, mostly black with white paws. Chihuahua or possible mix. Very timid in the kennel as the other dogs are bigger. Not a barker. Indifferent to the cats as I took her into the cattery and she ignored them. Good on leash. Even my mom liked her. So, if I don't find a dog by Thurs. and she is still there, we'll get her. Maybe tomorrow she will be posted on their found dogs site. I couldn't find her on there right now or I'd share a link so you could see her. She's pretty. Did not go to the Sacramento shelters.

I'm still going to the Pet event tomorrow at the Tractor Supply down the road. And, still refreshing the Craigslist pet page! One good thing about hanging out and surfing around Craigslist - I found 3 local egg farmers I am going to check out to get eggs direct! No middle man! Told my mom to save the cartons we have right now.

It is such a pretty day. Spent about an hour weeding. It is 76F right now. Nice. Have an allergy headache, though.
Going to have lamb chops and sweet potatoes for dinner. Yum.

Is it Thursday, yet? I really want that dog. I have a feeling someone else will get her before we get up there Thursday morning, though. Will have to leave here early! It is over an hour drive from here. I have to make sure not to spend all my money this week. Will have to locate a low-cost spay clinic, too.

Damn. Chaos started at 7! Of course my mom is watching NCIS rerun for the millionth time! Will have to catch it on rerun ... sucks. I can't believe I missed it! I've been looking forward to it for ages!

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