Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Nikky is testing me with the potty training, I think ...

Stopped at WalMart this morning and got a Bissell Green Machine and a new water jug. After work, I stopped at Trader Joe's across the street from my CVS store and got some groceries, then went next door to the Pet shop and got a tube of vitamin gel for Nikky. I looked at the birds there and they had some gorgeous Zebra Finches I was tempted to get a couple of males. But, I didn't.

It is a nice day out and I want to go pull some weeds, but someone is mowing their lawn ...

Poor Nikky is stopped up with congestion. She has kennel cough, which I knew the day before we brought her home. When we went Thurs., her eyes were runny. She was coughing and sneezing when we brought her home Friday and had a fever on Saturday. That's why I bought the vitamin paste today. Wish I wasn't out of antibiotics. I'm going to order some tonight. I've dealt with kennel cough many times in the past with adopted and rescued dogs. She'll be fine. She has no real appetite, so going to see if she will eat some rotisseried chicken tonight. We're having chicken quesadillas. Yum!

I got a really good nut mix at Trader Joe's today. It is raw nuts and raisins. There's filberts in it! Haven't had those in years! It is their Go Raw Trek Mix. Yum.

My mom is determined to start a fire. She continues to set things on top of the rotisserie! She melted the oven gloves a few years ago on it. Tonight, she nearly caused the small wooden cutting board to burn on it! She's melted several things on it. I gave up cleaning the top of it years ago.

I got Nikky to eat the chicken! And, she drank water 3 times today. She loves the vitamin paste, too. Much better intake than the past weekend.

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