Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011

Got 2 stores done here in Woodland. Came home and argued with Nikky - she still won't potty outside. Then tossed more car parts and junk in the garbage and took it out to the street. I need to find some lunch now.

Actually got today's mail today instead of tomorrow morning. The mail lady was putting mail in the boxes when I got home - early. Will see what I got after I eat.


I'm giving away: 10 Various Used Stamps. Check it out -

I got 2 cute dotee dolls & supplies for making more, an ATC and supplies for making more, and a huge fancy stick pin in the mail.

I'm so frustrated. I've had literally dozens of dogs over the years - adopted, rescued, from my breeding, etc. All ages from birth to very old. And, I have never had any problems potty-training them in a matter of days. I am baffled by Nikky ...

Bummer. Chaos has been pulled from the tv schedule.

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