Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2, 2011


Torchwood: Miracle Day - First Teaser
John is singing!
I need to find something to eat. Have a lot to do this morning before we go to the Pet event. Have a load of wash started. After I eat, I have to do the doves' cage and let them out a bit. Top off the aquariums. Then, take the sliding door off and remove the old rollers and go to Home Depot and hope they have the right replacements. And, go to the PO.

Tired. This pollen is killing me. No interesting dogs at the Pet Event. Seem to have brought all male dogs. The smallest was a black Chinese Crested. I about died when I saw the fawn Greyhound there. Looked like my Sully ... So, we left. Stopped at the little flea market they have at the fairgrounds and got a pot full of different succulent plants my mom wanted and a flat of home-raised eggs and a weird little yellow mango from Mexico my mom wanted to try.

Didn't get the sliding door done earlier. Can't get the old rollers off without taking the bottom part of the frame off and I didn't want to ruin the rubber strip and have to replace that, too! So, I replaced three of the screws. I can't get the stripped one out. It is stuck! So, one roller works, the other still drags! Will work on it again tomorrow to get that screw out. I am getting so tired of messing with that heavy door. I'm lucky I haven't broken the glass yet! I'd love to replace the whole unit. But, that is $350 minimum. Plus, I'd have to borrow the truck from Martin to haul the old door to the dump. Maybe in a few months. We'll see.

I should work on my taxes, but don't feel like it. 

Went out to the shed and finally dumped the rest of the old car radios in the garbage. Next week, I start on the pile of car parts and other odds and ends under the tarp. I want it all gone through and eliminated by the end of this month. I want to park my bike where that stuff is. I think I will list the rims on Craigslist. Have no idea what they go to ... Might do those next weekend. Need to measure them, at least and take pics.

I've been 3 days without cow milk and my stomach seems a bit better. Still have the rashes, though. Still using butter and some cheese, but not like I was. 

Damn! I just made a really cute Peter Rabbit ATC and I forgot to scan it before I packaged it! I don't want to ruin the envelope, so I will just have to forget about keeping a record of it. Oh, well ...

I made this desktop wallpaper for a digital swap.

Pizza smells goooood. I am so hungry. We're having a chicken pizza we bought at BelAir yesterday. Made in their deli. We are adding olives.

I am stuffed. Had blackberries with whipped cream for dessert.

We've kind of decided just to wait until Thursday and make sure about that dog up at Sutter Shelter. So, I'm not really looking now. But, I am still refreshing the Craigslist pet page. My mom wants to name the new dog (when we get one) Nicky (if we do, it will be spelled Niqui) and I want to use Shiloh or Cheyenne ...

Trying not to fall asleep ... it's too early! But, my allergies are exhausting me ...

Blush, my angelfish died tonight.

Watching Bye, Bye Birdie on Free OnDemand.

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