Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22, 2011

Just about ready to go out the door ... so much for my idea earlier in the week of having 5 days off ... ha! I should know better than to plan something like that.
There is a wreck on I-5 in Sacramento, so I'll have to take another route today. Probably the Old River Road since they opened it back up the other day after having flooded it a few weeks ago when we had so much rain.

Got some good stuff in yesterday's mail. 8 fat quarters of pretty vintage-looking fabric and 3 books in the Detective Strachey series by Richard Stevenson.

Nikky and I went out and leveled 2 big stepping stones and totaled an ants' nest. We came in after that!! If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'll be hack-sawing 2 pipe pieces that stick too far above the ground where I need to put more stepping stones by the wall of the trailer.

Must get a couple of things listed online now.

Posted another CD on CDswap. I need to go through all of mine to see what else I can list.

Aw, hell. I did it again. I made an ATC and forgot to scan it before I packaged it. It was cute with a little owl and leaves on it.

Can't decide what to make for a craft swap ... I think I want to do something plastic canvas. It's due next Wed. to be mailed. Need to look through all my plastic canvas files for something quick and easy and nice-looking.

I also need to figure out how to get more ink for my printer. I'm almost out of address labels and business cards ... and have some work papers I need to print out, too.

Hahahaha! I got my last bill from AT&T. They owe me .27c! You know what always bugs me about this sort of thing. Whatever happened to the $100 deposit we made when we re-opened the account 11 years ago ... hmmmm. Or was that for the PG&E ... now, I can't remember! I know it was one of them.

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