Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011

Still not feeling right ... damn. Staying home again. There is this weird little feeling 'right there' behind my eye. But, it's not the pain of a migraine ... yet. This is one of the longest auras I've ever had ...

Did not work again today. I did walk Nikky to the mailbox, though. I got a bunch of tea from a tea swap. Yum.

OK. I am kind of pissed off. Now, I don't check all of my stores every day or even every week unless I get a sale. I just went to my Etsy store and ALL of my stuff has expired. I have nothing in there. I never got an email or anything letting me know as they each expired like I do at some of my other stores! I am moving it all over to Bonanza. Grrr.

Vintage 1939 Buick Owner's Manual - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:


Vintage Faberge Savon Straw Hat soap in case - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:

Wow! I just got a $60 payment from my greeting card shop! Cool. Now, I can get some ink for my printer! Need to transfer it to my bank now.

Vintage Emeraude Dusting Powder by Coty - Never Opened - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:

Vintage 1970s Cotton Tie - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:

Vintage Usner Gold-tone Brooch - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:

Vintage Rhinestone Brooch - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:

Vintage Acrylic Key Chain - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:

Vintage Silver Cross Keyring - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:

Hourglass 3-Minute Egg Timer - New - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:

Vintage Cornwall Koffee Kit - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:

The Wreath Book by Rob Pulleyn (1988, Hardcover) - QuinGem's Creations Bonanza shop:

I feel like crap. But, tomorrow I have to get gas, work, go to the PO, the bank, go to Walmart to pick up another Rx for my mom and also pay on the Walmart CC (I am tired of the online payments taking way too long to go through, so going to pay in person from now on) and probably get some groceries.

Wish I could find some information on the old tea set I found at the SPCA thrift store. I guess I will just list it and take a chance on getting what I want for it. I like to average things like that from research I do on the items, but won't really be able to on this one. I've searched eBay and all the other auction sites, tea collector sites, etc. And, there is nothing really similar. It's very unique!
But, I am done listing for today. Will probably get that one online this weekend.

My neck is killing me. It's an old injury (from when I was 15) that bothers me at times. Feels like it is bruised on the inside, but it is just joint pain. Very bad joint pain probably irritating the synovitis I have in all my joints ...

Wow. Folks in the midwest and midsouth aren't catching a break with the damn tornadoes this week. Tuscaloosa is getting hit hard right now.

Brown's Ferry Nuclear Power plant has had its power cut due to the tornadoes ... much of northern Alabama has lost power due to that ...

Swap-bot site seems very slow today.

I just joined a new swap site. It seems to work by credits, almost like Listia. It is for crafts, vintage and art supplies. Check it out and if you join put in my ID QuinGem as your referral:

Damn. It feels so hot in here and it is only 72F outside. I hate how this room always gets so hot.

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