Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29, 2011

Damn! Over 300 dead and counting from this week's tornado. So sad.

I'm staying home again. I'm going to have a really small check next week ...

I am freezing. I can't warm up. I had my little heater on, but it flipped the damn fuse. Then I realized it was because my mom had her little heater on, too. If they are both on the same line, the fuse flips ... so, now I'm freezing again. The cord's not long enough to plug into another line. And, I won't use an extension cord on a space heater. Too dangerous.

My neck still hurts and my back hurts. And, the damn North wind will not let up! Allergies were killing me already when I got up.

I really need to get an Art doll made today. Mail deadline is tomorrow!

Nikky is starting to do a bit better with the potty-training finally. She's been trying to tell when she needs to go. Real good this morning.

The migraine is finally hitting today, I think.

Maybe if I could warm up I'd feel like making something or listing something.

I finished my art doll. She turned out pretty good. Batteries on my camera died again after I took pics, so having to pull the images off the disk another way.

Had to toss my oldest battery charger. It's not charging the batteries right anymore. It only charged 2 of the 4 batteries I had in it last week. It is about 20 years old. Luckily I have a newer one and it is working right. So, the next charges should hold longer.

Had to go out and fix one of my gates. It had some loose boards, but this wind finally pushed them out of place.

Pink ATC.

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