Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2011

Woke up 30 minutes later than usual, and I am still tired. And, I went to bed very early last night ... It's this damn wind stirring up the pollens, I think.

Fiji has been having a lot of earthquakes over 6.0 this past week. Two more this morning.

I need to stop refreshing the Craigslist page. Too many I want, but agreed to wait on the shelter dog for Thursday ...

It's not Thursday, yet ...

It is way too windy for me to do anything outside today. I'm already wheezing and I only went out to fill the bird feeders. And, my eyes are itching. It's a cold North wind, too.

I really need to finish working on that door ...

I feel like crap. But, my stomach is doing much better. The rashes aren't itching too much this morning.

My mom wants me to fix the hems on some pillowcases now.

ARRGGHH! The neighbor is mowing the lawn ... in this wind! I put out a jug to make sun tea this morning. I will have to get my mom to bring it in later. I am not going out today. Not even to the mailbox. Just can't breathe today.

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