Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011

Have to meet Viola today to prove I am not an illegal alien! Grrr. She has to make copies of my driver's license and SS card. She's going to help me with a couple of my stores, too.

It's a nice day! Got a good book (one of the Richard Stevenson detective novels I am collecting) and a handmade mug rug with tea and extra fabric in the mail.
Now to move the rest of the big bins down to the fence that we had on the deck. My mom wants to put the daylily bulbs I bought last year in them.

I need to buy some fusible web for some of my crafts. Will check on that tomorrow, I think.

Time to go out and start on that pile of parts ...

Got rid of lots of gaskets, a plastic grill and some other parts. Also found the overhead light, extension cords, old car horns and a rosary that I'll keep for now. Made a little headway. Our garbage can only holds so much though.

I got a big sliver. Must dig it out ... damn. There were 2.

It's getting windy again and bringing some clouds in. Guess I won't be doing any weeding today. I need to sneeze ...

I just have one store I'm going to service tomorrow. Have to stop at the bank and pull some cash to hopefully adopt the dog on Thursday. I'm going to call the shelter tomorrow afternoon to make sure she's still there.

They finally have 'my' dog listed on Pet Harbor. There's no picture, though. If you go to http://www.petharbor.com/ and enter the number A088738 that is her. Kind of glad there is no picture as more people might want her if they see her! But, it is sad seeing so many others that don't have a picture, too. Hard to be found when you are not seen.

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