Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6, 2011

I was stuck in this for over an hour. Was finally able to back up to the off-ramp to the Garden Highway and came home. Got a headache from all the exhaust/truck fumes!

Wreck Closes Southbound I-5 In Sacramento: A crash has led to the closure of southbound Interstate 5 near Richar...
Yay! I just sold another Breyer on my Bonanza site!

Just heard on the news that the traffic I was stuck in was caused by a 5-car pile up. Luckily, no one badly hurt.

The sliding door slides!! Yay, me! Let's see how long it lasts! I got wounded, though. I bumped the tip of my finger and you'd think I'd cut it off the way it bled! I think I separated part of the nail. I'm typing one-handed and have my finger laying on an ice pack. Freezing! It's already swelling.

Damn! I can't pull weeds with my finger messed up!  Owww! It's bleeding again ...

I need to finish cleaning my car out. I stopped on the way home and got all the recycling out of the trunk. Just need to clear out my work stuff from the back seat so the dog will have a spot to lay down. 

Car is all ready for the dog now. I had never taken Jorgy's seatbelt out and it will fit the new dog fine. I put a fresh blanket down in the back seat. And, put all my work stuff in the trunk. Will be calling the shelter in about an hour.

Ah, good I checked their website. They close at 4. So, I just called and she is still there. Hopefully, she won't get claimed in the next half hour! We will be there by 9 in the morning and hopefully will get her!!

The wind has sure come up and brought in the clouds that are supposed to give us rain in the morning.

Going to bed early. Have to get up early to get to Yuba City before 9.

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