Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011

Well, I got some sleep last night! Going to try again for the dog. It is very cold today! Only 34F right now. Think I may take another blanket to put in the back seat for her.

I got her!!! She's a cutie. She's drying from her bath right now. She rode in the car great; didn't mind having a seat belt on and fell asleep. I'll take pics in a bit. Of course, my mom seems to have won with the name ... So, she is Nikky. I decided not to spell it Niqui as it looks too much like Niquil ... but, I like unusual spellings. It seems like we were destined to get her as she was found on George Washington Blvd. I think Jorgy guided us to her ...

Nikky has finally gotten a drink of water and eaten a cookie. She's slept most of the day. She's exhausted.

Just finished watching the second ep of Chaos. I watched the pilot online last night. It is not the best show, but Eric Close is good as always.

Nikky just barked once. I had just brought her in. She still hasn't gone potty outside. We'll be working on that all weekend. She's only peed once inside. I think she's a bit dehydrated from not being able to compete with the bigger dogs at the shelter. I think she may have been outside a lot where she lived before as she wants out a lot and balks at coming in through the door.

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