Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 9, 2011

Poor little Nikky got sick in the night, throwing up. She needs a bath again this morning. She did go pee outside this morning! Yay! No poo yet. I was sick in the night, too ... but not throwing up ...

Well, had an annoying discovery. There was some algae or bacteria growing in the bottom of one of our water jugs!!! I think that has been the cause of my stomach problems!!! Possible dysentery - wonderful! If so, and I am going to wait a week to be sure, it was not milk causing it!! I made my mom throw that jug away. Need to buy another one this week. As much water as we drink, we need 2 big jugs. We filter the water in a pitcher and then fill the jugs up.
Nikky got her partial bath and loves rolling on the carpet to dry off.

Nikky has decided she likes my office chair as much as I do! She claimed it while I had her closed in the living room to let the doves fly around. Didn't feel up to supervising that interaction yet. My stomach is still bothering me. It probably will be for at least a few more days if it really was the water causing the problem. Although, that wouldn't explain my rash ...

Nikky was very good for her rabies shot and visit to the pet shop. She got 2 new toys. She went pee outside right away when we got home ... then pooed inside ...

I can't seem to accomplish anything. Nikky is a chair and lap hog. Love it!

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