Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Looks like it might rain today. Feels colder than 57F that the thermometer reads ...

Have 1 store to do in Dixon today. And, need to go to the GoodWill next to it to get a thriftstore swap. Need to stop and get gas and go to the PO, too.

Breathing is crap again today.

As if my breathing wasn't bad enough today already ... my mom is using bleach in her laundry ... Leaving now ...

Got home about an hour ago. Just finished lunch and catching up on emails. I stopped at the GoodWill next to my CVS store and also SuperWalmart before I came home. Got a few things for the thriftstore swap and some rubber stamps, and some thin cotton batting for the coasters I'm going to make and also more beads. I really gotta get to work on the jewelry!! I have beads coming out my ears! Hope to get a few pairs of earrings made to sell at the yard sale next weekend.

Check out this really cool video!

Still trying to get in touch with Darla. She had found me through Facebook back in Feb., but somehow or another she has never gotten back to me since then. So, I've done a people search now that I know her current last name and state. So, hopefully, she will get my letter and contact me again ... if I found the correct address. Or, some stranger will get the letter. According to what I found, she recently moved to Tacoma ... so, we will see what happens. Wish she was still in CA.

Whooooo!! FedEx just delivered the Glee 1 CD that I won on Listia. Listening to it, now! It has the Defying Gravity duet of Chris Colfer and Lea Michele!! And, Glee is on in a couple minutes. It's a rerun, though.

Ha! Love pause on my media player and mute on the TV. I can watch the show and then listen to the CD during commercials!

I enjoyed listening to all those songs. I'll be ripping and sharing that CD tomorrow. Just have 2 stores here in Woodland to service tomorrow, so hope to get more of the cross-stitch done and get at least 2 pairs of earrings made when I get home. We are supposed to get some more rain tomorrow.

Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Got up even later than yesterday! Probably because I couldn't go to sleep when I wanted to due to all the noise.
So, I just came in from putting the flag out and saw the damage done to my garden by the damn brats yesterday. Tore up my rosemary plant and dug holes in the dirt. I'm pissed. Will tell Martin later. I know Matthew did it. That child has a problem. You should have seen him screaming at the neighbor's door across the street trying to break in until someone came and drug him away from it! And, he's only about 5 or 6. I dread his teenage years ... His older brothers are so quiet in comparison!

It is windy again. It seems every time I put the flag out, it is windy and wraps the flag around the pole. Hate having to go out and unwrap it dozens of times during the day ...

I feel lousy.

Great my mom is up and I'm stuck listening to an NCIS marathon all day. So much for the Criminal Minds marathon I wanted to listen to ...

Well, I did too much ... for the week! What should have only taken about 45 minutes took 2 hours! I dug the big shop-vac out of the shed (it works!) and vacuumed the deck and steps. I really hate Astro-turf ... It looks damn nice, but I am so tired and shaky now. Must eat a snack. My hands are numb from the vibration holding the hose nozzle for so long, too. Don't think I will get my sewing done today. And, my mom wants me to sew one of her nightgowns, too ... ugh.

I still need to get the shop-vac back into the shed ... and all the stuff I had to move to get to it ...

It doesn't look like I am going to be doing anything else today. But, I did get the vac back in the shed. I feel like I'm crashing. I hate when this happens and I can't function. Really hasn't happened like this in a while. Just feel so brain-dead ... just have to sit here the rest of the day. No energy to do anything else. My breathing is crap, too ... I think I'll cross-stitch ...

Got another color done on the cross-stitch. Hope to do at least one more today. Still feeling crappy and getting a headache now, too ...

Finally, I get to watch Criminal Minds! My mom went to bed. I almost got 2 colors done on the cross-stitch, but the light was getting to hard to see by.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011

So tired today. Didn't wake up until 7:15! Moving the furniture the other day wore me out! Moving the TV last night tipped my energy over the edge ...

Nikky and this wind wore me out this morning. Walked to the mailbox. She is a little sled dog. Will start seriously training her after her spay surgery/recovery. She does know sit, though. She met Lucky, the local shaved Pekingese escape artist. He ran past a bunch of workers remodeling his people's mobile home with the owner chasing after, calling his name. He stopped when I squatted down and the 2 dogs started sniffing each other.

Going to catch my breath, then do a little spot cleaning of the carpet with the Green Machine. Then, YES, I will be sewing, damn it!

I did it! I finally made a tea wallet!
Handmade Tea Wallet - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

What's for lunch ... must eat before I make another tea wallet.

Mmm. Scrambled eggs with free-range chicken breast strips and O'Brien hash browns fried together.

Wow. Desperate Escape is on Lifetime Movie network. I never could find a good download of it.

Made another tea wallet while I watched Desperate Escape. Movie wasn't too bad. Better than some of Michael Shanks' movies.

Handmade Tea Wallet. - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

My next project is 2 pillowcases for a swap. Will try to get those cut out later this evening. And, hopefully sew them tomorrow since I am not working until Tues. They are due out on Sat. Hope I have enough matching fabric for each ... Going to make a set of 4 coasters, too. Those will be easy using scraps.

I have hiccups. Hate hiccups. They always make me feel like I will throw up.

I've been cross-stitching. But, for the past hour I've been trying to un-knot some thread. Kids are making so much noise outside I want to scream. I CUT the knot out of the damn thread ... I hated wasting that ... so much for cutting out the pillowcase fabric tonight ...

FINALLY! Silence outside! It has been so damn noisy, I thought I was back at the apartment. People don't know what a decent bedtime is for kids these days. I don't car if it is a damn holiday. Five and six-year-old kids have no business being out so late! Nikky was in bed an hour ago!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 28, 2011

Cloudy morning. Is it supposed to rain? I hope so. It's a bit chilly, too.

I laid some things out last night to list in my Bonanza shop today. So, need to get pics of them made later. Will do that after I clean the doves' cage. Then will make a few things.

Hope I get some energy some time today to finish digging behind the shed and level that dirt.

I also need to make some time to see if I can figure out the neighbor's computer for them. They got one free from the other neighbor's wife - her husband died and took the password with him ...

I am so tired and it's not even noon! Just came in from turning the rest of the dirt in the garden square and watering some of the plants. Vacuumed earlier and did a load of laundry. Cleaned the doves' cage and let them fly around a bit. Walked Nikky to the mailbox. I got a cute ATC from a swap and a watermelon rubber stamp that I won on Listia. Need to rest a bit and get lunch before I start sewing and putting a few things up on Bonanza.

Is there nothing my mom can't find a way to complain about. Now, it's about all my tea. I need a cupboard just for all the tea! Because she keeps knocking it off the counter ... grrr.

Wow! I just won this for free, Animal Ark Applique Set BNIP

Wow! I just won this for free, Polar Buddies Applique Set BNIP

Wow! I just won this for free, Pretty lil' Purple & Pink Jellyfish Die Cut Embellishment Set

Wow! I just won this for free, **** IRON-ON APPLIQUE (NIP) ****


Wow! I just won this for free, Set of 5 Vanilla Top Note Cards - * Blank*

It's raining, it's pouring ... love it!

Took way too long to get these listed!
Epson Black Ink (68) - NIP - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Garden Of Dreams Cross Stitch Kit - New! - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Vivitar Reading Glasses - NEW! - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Pretty Gold-braided Pearl-look Necklace - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Portable Beach Safety Kit - New - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Cute Beaded Charm Bracelet - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

I am so disappointed in myself ... I haven't gotten to any sewing ... and I only got 6 things listed on Bonanza ... didn't even get to Martin's computer ...

Going to cross-stitch now.

Thanks to Inger, I am catching 2 new eps of CHAOS. I think they are just airing the last eps they had filmed before they were cancelled so quickly!
Eric Close needs a new series with better writing! James Murray, too!

Finished another color on the cross-stitch.

Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011

Very cloudy this morning.
My ankle hurts for some reason ... and, we are rearranging furniture today ...

We are supposed to have a park-wide yard sale on June 4-5, so I hope we can sell the old carpet that day. If that is all I sell that day, I will be very happy!

I am sad to learn that our local news, KCRA3, is losing it's one and only chopper pilot. He is retiring today. He was a pioneer. They have the only helicopter reporting in the area with LiveCopter 3. He's been flying it since the 70s (he's actually flying version 2, as the first chopper retired a few years ago)! Forty years. Amazing! A new guy takes over this afternoon. My mom and I were just talking about his work last night!

KCRA 3's Dann Shively Retiring: Veteran KCRA 3 pilot Dann Shively is retiring.
These look good. I'm having the apple slices and almond butter later!!
Real Simple Magazine
These healthy snacks are tasty and sure to keep hunger at bay:
Must go pick up my mom's Rx now and mail a couple of things and check my mailbox. I might get to OSH and check on those planter boxes, too.
Two hours rearranging furniture and rolling up the old rug. Now, I am eating a yummy hot dog and then will start sorting through my crafty stuff and get everything put in its own place finally. I like the way we've arranged things. My sewing machine is right next to my desk, so I just roll my comfy chair over a couple of feet to use it! Everything is within reach. I folded up the card table and moved the drafting table in its place. It is the same width, but not as 'deep' and has 2 shelves below it. Maybe I will get to working on my dollhouse again this summer!

I got Nikky an appt. for spaying next Friday!!! Yay! 
And, Martin is going to do a tune-up and oil change for my car in trade for some of the money he still owes me for the pick-up. They are having a lot of problems right now with his disability running out and Daisy losing her job last month.

I talked to Laura (park manager) earlier about the park-wide yard sale on June 4-5, so I will be putting grandma's rug, my dad's car parts and a few other things out to hopefully sell. I need to clean the oil spot off the driveway this weekend! Any ideas how to do that? I have clay cat litter sitting on it, but I don't think it soaked up much ...

Oh, I did stop at OSH earlier. They were out of the planter boxes I wanted! But, I did find a nice catnip plant! I will plant it in a hanging pot tomorrow. That will teach that damn cat to stay out of it!! Ha!

Great stuff in the mail today. A bunch of die-cuts that I won on Listia, $50 WalMart gift card, pretty pack of card stock with matching embellishment stickers.
Oooh. Mail Lady just came to the door with some mail that wouldn't fit in the box! More goodies. Vintage dollhouse bed and cute set of cat notecards in matching tin box and coupons!

I've got pretty much everything organized except for my papercraft stuff. Have to straighten out my paper cart (formerly a microwave cart!) and make it all fit on there. First I am going to see if I can print out some forms for the neighbor to get one of their dogs a spay voucher. I thought Pookie was spayed already, but Martin said they couldn't because of no money when she was old enough ... Since neither are working and they have 4 kids, they should qualify for the discount. They don't have a working computer, so hope I can print the forms for them to mail in.

Just signed up for a bunch more swaps on swap-bot! Addicted much? haha!

Wow! I just won this for free, Birthday Stamp Set
I just cleaned my Papa's glasses and I can use them. My eyes are now as bad as his were! Or, something like that. I can even use the bifocal part, but that will take some getting used to, I think. It's hard to shift vantage points with them ...
That was interesting. I could see the TV really clearly at about 20 feet away, but not my laptop screen at about 4 feet away (leaning back in my chair like I usually do when I am not typing). But, I can see both that way with my own glasses ... so, it may be a while before I need the strength of those old glasses. Plus, I don't think he was astigmatic as both lenses are the same thickness. But, the quality of the glasses is really great (Papa always used his money wisely!) and are in excellent condition. Don't have any idea how long he had them before he died in 1969, but there is not a scratch on them and the lenses are glass. I think the frames are 12K gold! The imprint is very tiny and my eyesight won't read it even with a magnifying glass. But, very flexible like the fancy titanium frames these days. They are almost identical to this pair on eBay, except the case is black. http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-B-L-1-10-12K-GF-Wire-Frame-GLASSES-w-CASE-/230626247750?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35b2654446  

Well, I could get used to wearing those glasses, but I have put them away for now. Don't want to get a headache since they aren't exactly my diopter right now.

I should be doing something, like crafting or vacuuming my office ... but did too much earlier, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. I will be doing some cross-stitch later, though. After dinner.

Finished another color on the cross-stitch. Nearly half-way done with it. Hopefully will finish by next weekend at this rate.

Men In Black is on. Funny movie. 
I love almond butter (not quite as much as pecan butter, though), but I hate stirring a new jar. That is hard work. Having some with sliced apples for a snack tonight. Yum. I've never had this before!

I am setting myself a goal of sorts. I had promised to keep up with making art for everyone's birthdays in my Stargate group, but failed badly sometime in February, I think. Starting next Wed., my goal is to catch up on all the missed birthdays/anniversaries for that group and start making artwork again! I'm just going to do portraits with various filtering effects. Simple but effective! Think I can do it? Hope so. And, no, Liliana, there probably won't be any stats to go with them this time around!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011

I have myself psyched up to not work today ... nothing new there! But, I still have to go to WalMart to drop off an Rx for my mom and want to get a couple of redwood planters if they have them there. Then, need to go to JoAnn's to see if they have interfacing and then to BelAir PO and a few groceries & gas.

I really want to get a few things sewed today.

What is the big deal about Tumblr? I can't stand that site and hate when people link to it.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Little Boy and Little Girl dove turned 1!

I need to call around and get an appt. for Nikky to get spayed next week.

Crap. I just missed out on bidding on a puzzle I really wanted ... :(

I did too much! And, I spent too much! But, I got tons of clear stamps and mini inkpads for cardmaking from JoAnn's bargain bin. And, some interfacing! And, lots of other things! And, food. And, 3 six-packs of flowers (marigolds, vincas and verbena. They didn't have the 2 planters that I wanted, though. I'll have to go to OSH or Home Depot to find them, I think. I can't remember where we got the one we have last year.

Must eat, and then I have a ton of stuff I want to put up on Listia. And, must get that tea wallet sewn together!

I'm giving away: 10 Various Used Stamps. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Vinyl Checkbook Wallet - New. Check it out -

It is taking sooo long to load pictures on Listia today.

I'm giving away: Cow Address Labels. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Heart Bracelet Kit - NIP. Check it out - Red/Pink & White

I'm giving away: Heart Bracelet Kit - NIP. Check it out - Blue/Green & White

I'm giving away: Friendship Bracelet Kit - NIP. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Clear Mini Stamp (Thank You) - NIP. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Clear Mini Stamp (Sweet & Sassy) - NIP. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Clear Mini Stamp (Friend) - NIP. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Clear Mini Stamp (Birds) - NIP. Check it out -

That's 10 new auctions up on Listia. Now to finally get to sewing!!!!

I've decided not to work until next Tuesday. I hope to get the sewing machine moved in here tomorrow and really get serious about the sewing this weekend. I have to get the tea wallets made!!

Wow! The tornadoes here yesterday did more damage than originally thought. One almond orchard got totalled. Big loss for that farmer. Plus, several more structures other than the barn/garage that was flattened. At least no loss of life.

Watching an old Andy Hardy movie. Eating a huge serving of blackberries with honey Greek yogurt for a big snack. Almost have another color done on the cross-stitch.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011

We have rain!

It is chilly again this morning. This is May?

WooHoo! Got done with the reset really quickly!! Came home to some really good mail. I already received the voucher for Nikky's surgery!! That was fast!! Will call around from the list of clinics they sent to see about getting her in next week!! It will only be $15! Then I will get her licensed and she will be totally legal finally. I also got some winnings from Listia - rubber earring backs (and she send some findings as a bonus!), an angel cross-stitch kit, card stock, clock parts, spices and some other neat stuff!

Chobani Greek Yogurt is YUMMY! I am having strawberry right now. I added ground pecans to it.

Sun just came out. I think our rain is done. Got quite a bit all day.
So sad all the tornadoes hitting other areas of the country all day. Still going strong! Crazy weather.

Forgot to say, we got our first tomato already! It's from the Black Krim plant that I got at CostCo. It's a funky-looking thing! Can't wait to eat it! Bet it will be nice and sweet. I also ate my first strawberry yesterday. It was tiny, but sweet! Have about 6 more that are about ready.

Here's a pic of the tomato! Having it on a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner tonight. With chicken noodle soup.

Where has this day gone! I should be making a tea wallet for a swap due tomorrow! I will get it done tomorrow when I get home. Should be a fairly easy day.

Dinner was good. Just finished it with 6 of my very own homegrown strawberries.

There are tornadoes north of us, up in Glenn and Butte counties. Two have touched ground. The storm is heading toward Chico. Thank goodness, there is no chance for these to be as deadly as the ones in the midwest storms going on right now.

Still having small tornadoes up near Chico area! This storm has been sitting in that area for two hours. It is right over the south of Paradise right now and 1 funnel cloud keeps reaching toward it and stirring things up. It is still tracking toward Quincy. Butte College is under a 'shelter in place' order. This area has no tornado warning system since they are so rare around here. So far, at least 5 tornadoes in the past two hours. Warning expired again at 7:30pm. It has been extended 3 times so far. Nope, they decided to let it lapse. Normally, this would be a really big deal, but it is so minor in comparison to what is going on in other parts of the country. Such a difference for the same type of weather event.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011

Got 2 stores done in Davis today. I was going to go to the Food Co-op, but I forgot my coupons! So, I came straight home.
Just got through my mail. Great stuff! Got more pearl beads that I won on Listia. From Swap-bot swaps, I got a tea sachet, lots of tea, a porcelain doll (VERY pretty and still in original box!), teapot charms, a cute ornament, and a craft magazine.

This morning, Nikky found the feather duster again and pulled half the feathers out! I've moved it again! Hope she can't reach it now!

Need to kill a fly that got in here today. Done!

Wow! I just won this for free, Set of 5 ~ Light Pastel Lavender Top Note Cards

The neighbor is mowing the weeds!! Had to close all my doors for a while. Can't breathe with all that being stirred up.

Started rearranging the living room a bit. Moved a couple of hanging plants and hung up a lamp. Moved my craft table under the lamp. So much light to work now!! Will get the bigger furniture and the rug moved this weekend, though.

Going to cross-stitch now.

Having connection problems. Just when I was going to win a vintage dollhouse bed!
It's back now. Did a ping test and my connection is waaaay low.
Going to bid on that bed now!

Wow! I just won this for free, Miniature Dollhouse size Bed w/scalloped Wooden frame

I finally finished another color on the cross-stitch!


Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Sad news about Joplin, MO. this morning. I saw very few tweets about it yesterday when it happened, but this morning lots about the devastation.

It's kind of chilly this morning. It's 52F right now, but feels cooler.

Just got home and ate a hot dog with some Trader Joe's fire-roasted peppers and onions on it. Yum!  Stopped there after work. And, also stopped at Home Depot with the intentions of getting some cinder blocks, but I didn't even make it to that side of the store! I got the innards to remake the 2 floor lamps! I'm going to do one of them in a bit.

Wow! I just won this for free, NEW Gingham Dress Appliques

Glad I missed this chase this morning. I actually passed by the remains of this. There were 2 cop cars and this silver car was up on a car hauler. I missed the arrest by minutes, I think.

CHP Pursuit Ends In Woodland: A suspect, who police said claimed to be a murderer, is in custody after he led CH...
Going to work on the first lamp for a bit. Get it cleaned as much as I can. Need to find something to clean it ... and pull the old cord and socket out.

I did it. One lamp working! The old socket was corroded, so the wiring was iffy, too. I should repaint it, but can't decide if I want to keep it the same fake brassy color. That was the easy one. I have to repaint Papa's lamp and find some real brass cleaner before I re-wire it. The pole is black iron and the base is brass. It is about 100 years old, I think. It has a huge ceramic bulb socket. But, they don't make bulbs with a big base like that any more. So, that will be for another day.
Nikky's new fetish is my feather duster and my dusting brush. She thinks they are toys and wants to drag them around to chew on! I always keep them under my bottom desk shelf. Now, I'll have to find a new place for them.

For some reason, I can't play most of my Pogo games on Firefox again ... Had to open up IE just to play them.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011

Couldn't sleep. Waiting for daylight to bury Candace.

I won this late last night:
Wow! I just won this for free, Very Cute Terrier Dog Die Cut Embellishment Set

Buried Candace. I'm going to go out later and turn all the dirt in that area and level it out and mix in some garden soil.

I just got Daniel Boys album, So Close! Can't wait to listen to it!! He was on Any Dream Will Do (the Search for Joseph) which I know some of you have seen, which John Barrowman was a judge on and later had Danny sing on a couple of his albums and tour with him. I'll share the link later if everything is good on it.

Well, I've listened to the album. I'm not sure if it is my player, but there may be some skipping ... BUT! I love this album. He sings Annie's Song sooooo beautifully. I love all John Denver songs, but that is one of my favorites and Daniel sings it so well! And, I've always loved him singing Everything. A couple of songs don't do his voice justice, but overall it is a very good album.

I'm really hoping it is just my player on this computer that is messing up. I will have to try this album on the desktop computer before I burn it.

Here's the link:
And, here is the album cover I tracked down.

I forgot how much cleaning is involved after a sick cat passes. Haven't had to deal with this kind of bloody cleaning since about 1987 (?) when Seneca died and was leaking bloody urine everywhere. I need to do a bunch of spot steam cleaning on the carpet and loveseat. All her throw rugs and blankets are in the wash. My mom says she is going to mop all the floors (shock!)
But, I need to clean the doves' cage first and let them fly around a bit.

It stinks of pine cleaner in here and I can't breathe!!!!! All the doors and windows are open, but it is not helping! I just came in from digging about half of the garden square, so I'm out of breath already. I went maybe 3 inches deep. I hope I can get the rest of the dirt turned sometime this week. I'm going to stop tomorrow or Tuesday and buy about 10 cinder blocks to get started. I can't fit a lot in my little car ... I need to get a few rebars, too, as I am not going to mortar the blocks. I can't make a really permanent structure back there because our lot has all the intersections for PG&E, AT&T, water lines, etc. in that area for this block of homes on the back row of the park. Lucky us ...

I want to start sewing, but have to wait until the kitchen floor is dry to go in the other room where the sewing machine is. I think I want to move the couch into the other room; move the stereo to the wall where the couch is and move the sewing machines in here ... might do that next weekend as my mom wants to roll up grandma's old carpet that is in here on top of the regular wall-to-wall carpet (don't ask ...) I want to get rid of the darn thing as it is wool. I can't even walk on it barefoot without itching, even as old as it is. It's a really pretty shade of blue, just wish it wasn't wool.

Having left-over mac 'n' cheese and chicken for lunch. Will have a smoothie in a bit, too. I used up quite a few calories digging earlier, I think!

Oh, we have about 6 strawberries about ready to harvest! Almost completely red.

I hate, hate, hate working with Velcro!!!! My needles are so gummed up!!!

I finished the caddy, took pictures and now my damn camera is holding them hostage!! The damn transfer cable has always given me problems and it is getting worse.

Finally! I think my USB hub is going out. I had to hook into the main port to get the camera to transfer the pics. So, here is the grocery cart caddy I made for a swap. It was a pain in the butt to make. I doubt I will make any more of these! It turned out pretty good, though.

Too late to make the tea wallets today ... almost time for dinner and I have to clean all my sewing stuff off the table.

Wow! I just won this for free, GLEE Season/Volume 1 Yayayayay!

Wow! I just won this for free, Nice Rubber Stamp~~Watermelon

Haven't cross-stitched for a couple of days, so going to do that now. Hope I can get a color done!

Yay! Dresden Files Book 10 just got granted to me at Paperback Swap!! Can't wait to get it! I haven't read a book in about a week since I finished Book 9.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

Won this overnight:
Wow! I just won this for free, New sealed pack of 30 paper typewriter key alphabet letters.

Also found the Cheers episode Anthony Starke was in late last night and watched it. What a gorgeous bod.

There's a site called loombo.com where you can watch old shows for free! Will hunt for the Silver Spoons episode there later.

Wow! I just won this for free, Hip Hip Hooray ~ Hippo Embellishment Set

Wow! I just won this for free, Hip Hip Hooray ~ Hippo Embellishment Set ~ Purple

Going out to dig a hole for Candace behind the shed. I really don't want to take her to the shelter drop-off when she's gone. Hope I can dig one deep enough.

Well, that didn't take as long as I expected. Three-foot deep hole is dug, despite Nikky's 'help.' Candace will be under where I am building the raised garden. I hope to start getting the blocks put in next week. Wish I could've put Jorgy there, too. But, the ground wasn't ready as I didn't have the stepping stones leveled around it ... I am worn out and need to relax my breathing now ...

Remember, that if you do receive this blog post tonight, you weren't good enough to go to Heaven. Try harder for the next Rapture in 2012. I think that one is scheduled for December ... Hahahahahahaha!

I'm kind of glad I lost interest in Supernatural this season. I think they should have stuck with the original plan of ending it last season. Now there is news that my favorite angel will not be a regular next season. Misha Collins was the only reason I got interested in the show! Castiel was a great character ...

Finally finished the lavender sachet for a swap. I sent the pic in a separate email earlier.

Having leftover Subway that I forgot to eat yesterday. Not as good after it's sat in the fridge for 2 days.

Took pics of the lavender bushes. They used to take up half the yard they were so sprawled out. The birdbath and the solar light in the center were buried under it all. And it was as far as the tall black feeder/solar light and headed towards Papa's wheelbarrow.

I need to go to WalMart and get some interfacing and bias tape for my next projects! I thought I had a roll of interfacing somewhere, but can't find it. If I could, I'd just make the bias tape as I have done that before ... off I goooo.

Well, I went to WalMart and they did not have interfacing, so I bought heat 'n' bond, which is not the same but it will work for what I need to do. It will give a slight stiffness to the material. I did get the bias tape there and a little rounded corner paper punch and velcro. Then, I went to Michael's down the road and found a bunch of discounted animal print ribbon, clear stamps, wood stamps, ink pads, tissue paper and a couple of amulets. There were a couple of wood stamps that were only .70c. I thought they were $1. I may have to go back and get the rest of the designs in that bin!

Got a wonderful tea swap in the mail. Several hand-stamped notecards with tea images, buttons shaped like teacup and teapot, tea embellishments, tea coasters and tea! I have been trying to find more tea-related stuff. No place here has any! I have looked! Even looked again today. Nothing! I will have to send for them online, I guess.

If you aren't on Twitter, you should be. The Rapture jokes being tweeted are cracking me up today!

Found a couple of cute tuts for making fabric tea wallets which I am going to try to make a few tomorrow. One for a swap and a couple to sell in my shop. Quick and easy, I hope!! Also, going to make a couple of fabric coupon folders that will also hold a pen and notepad. I got one recently and really like it! And, I need to make a fabric grocery cart caddy for a swap. Lots of sewing planned ... but, can I do it?! We shall see!!

Time to take Candace ...


Ugh! After almost two years of hearing my mom say that Candace would be her last cat after Cougar died ... now, she is saying wait to get rid of all the cat stuff and the new jug of cat litter, etc. And, how much is it to adopt a cat at the shelter ... and, if we do, she wants a short-haired one ... can I scream now. I can't deal with a short-haired cat (I am much more allergic to short-haired cats than long-haired) and I really don't want another cat! I'd rather get a rabbit, a cavy or another dog! I'm the one who takes care of them!
I did tell her earlier today to start filling up the other 2 aquariums to start getting the water adjusted to get some more fish this coming month. I was hoping that would distract her from the loss of Candace. Guess not ...

I have the grocery cart caddy all cut out. Will sew it tomorrow.

There are so many people next door that there are cars parked on both sides of our narrow street. Kids and bikes everywhere. And, then there is the sound of metal crunching. You should have seen all the people run from Martin's backyard barbecue. Luckily, no kids hurt, but a little girl's pink bike that was apparently left in the street is history! Our corner is blind when there are so many cars in the street.

I am so freakin' sick of Walker, Texas Ranger!!! It's bad enough when she is on an NCIS kick for days on end. Now, it's Walker. ARRRRGGGH!!

Wow! I just won this for free, Avery 5160 Shipping Labels Qty 120

Will bury Candace in the morning. I can't believe I had her nearly 16 years. She was my last Florida baby ...

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011


Wow! I just won this for free, Yellow Freshwater Pearl Beads
Wow! I just won this for free, Pale Orange Freshwater Pearl Beads

I actually won those late last night. I've recently won some of these from the same seller, too.

Damn. I still have to make a tea-scented sachet for a swap. It's due tomorrow!!! I need to clip a couple of lavender tips to put in it as I am sending lavender tea with it ... Need to see if I have any lavender-colored material, too. Hey, I got a theme going here! But, it will have to wait until I get home this afternoon from working with Viola on the reset ... and, need to go to the grocery store for a few things and get gas ... going to be a long day.

Well, in case you haven't heard ... tomorrow is the Resurrection and the Rapture supposedly. I kind of hope so. Then all the fanatical 'Christian' asses will be gone! If only I believed in that sort of crap!

Supposed to get in the 80s today. Ugh. The freaky cold May weather is over, I think.

I am exhausted! Didn't work because the store didn't have things ready for us. So, we'll be doing that reset next Wednesday instead. So, I went to BelAir and spent money on food and gas. I had coupons for nearly everything I got, so that helped. And, got free salami and .25c/gal. off of my gas. So, that made the gas $3.89/gal.

Then, when I got all the groceries out of the car. My mom asked me to turn on the outside water so she could water the deck planters. I stepped out and Nikky shot out the door, down the steps and ran to the front of the park. I followed her the whole way, but she is a fast little shit! She finally saw me and rolled on her back in someone's driveway. Carried her back home. I might not give her the new mini tennis balls I bought her today ... brat! I so did not want to walk fast for nearly half a mile ...

There is so much I want to do outside, but I'm too tired. My allergies are acting up, I've been awake since about 5 this morning and Nikky wore me out having to chase her down! But, I did get the lavender stumps cut with the loppers. That was hard as 2 of the branches were about 2 inches thick! But, they look really good now. I'll have to take a picture later. Not wild and overgrown.

Time for a smoothie and a hot dog for lunch.

I just sent in an application for low-cost spay for Nikky. Had to send proof of income. Hope we qualify!! It will only cost $15 if we do!

Wow! I just won this for free, Playful Little Girl Monkey Scrapbook or Card Embellishment

Wow! I just won this for free, Set of 3 ~ Metallic Gift Embellishments

Wow! I just won this for free, Circus Monkey Scrapbook or Card Embellishment

Wow! I just won this for free, Playful Little Boy Monkey Scrapbook or Card Embellishment

Those should make some cute cards!! I have a bunch more I am watching and hope to bid on later.

Wow! I just won this for free, Bleeding Hearts Flowers

Well, I tried to give Candace a bath and got some of the bloody mats off her legs. Sadly, she will be going away this weekend ... She has started going septic and has gone off her food.

Tossed another useless appliance - a vacuum/sweeper thing that we haven't even used since we moved here. It has no suction! Now, if I can just get rid of Jeanne's vacuum that doesn't work! My mom won't let go of it ...

I'm stuffed. Had pork short ribs, plain naan bread, buttered artichoke and an organic apricot for dinner.

Downloaded some movies and TV shows that Anthony Starke was in when he was younger. He was soooo cute (still is!) Watched an episode of 21 Jump Street he was in when he was 23 (I am 4 mos. older than him) and he was as cute as Johnny Depp was then! That was in 1987. I loved that show! And, I actually remembered parts of that episode!

Going to try to watch 18 Again! tomorrow. He had a small part in it. Still can't track down his first 2 movies (First Steps or Nothing In Common) or his first TV series, One Big Family, or an episode of Silver Spoons he was in. He did those when he was 22. I don't think they have been made into DVDs ...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011

Not working today. My mom has a dr. appt. this afternoon. Going to work in the garden later. Will finish cutting back the lavender.

Having Trader Joe's Cinnamon Raisin Bread toast for breakfast. Two huge slices. Love how thickly sliced this bread is! With lots of Straus organic butter slathered on it!

I did it! The lavender plants are trimmed way back. I still need to take the saw to part of the base as my hand clippers can't cut through that thickness and I don't think I have the strength any more to use the big loppers. But, I'll do that this weekend. I filled 5 13-gallon bags with the cut branches! Just off of 2 old plants!! Now I can see the whole of 'Jorgy's yard' and Nikky has nothing to hide behind!

Making strawberry/blackberry/banana smoothie for lunch!

I made a gallon of that smoothie. Enough for a couple days. And, have the rest of the strawberries in the freezer so they don't go bad before I use them. The rest of the blackberries will be for dessert tonight with some whip cream.

Snacking on some Trader Joe's Pita Chips with Cinnamon & Sugar with my smoothie.

Getting stuff scanned and pics taken for listing things later and this weekend. I have so much stuff taking up all my room! Just have to decide what goes where ... Bonanza, Listia, PaperbackSwap ... decisions ...

Well, it's almost time to make a decision about Candace. She's starting to fail ... Will decide this weekend.

My mom wants Subway again for dinner after her dr. appt. Must look for coupons.

Well, I am more than annoyed. My mom's appt. was for 3:45. We just got home! While I waited for her, I went and got the Subway and finally ate it in the car at 5 ... I always tell her to get morning appts. I don't know why she had one so late this time!

So, it's too late to list anything and I'm not in the mood anyway. Will have to do it over the weekend. I have to work with Viola tomorrow to do a reset in one of my Walgreen's. They are remodeling next week and want our new fixtures in before then.

Finally got a chance to go through the mail. Good stuff! I got a pretty ATC, coupons, tea, homemade coupon organizer with pen and notepad (going to use it tomorrow when I go to the store!), and small metal box with 3 homemade magnets in it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

This year is passing by too fast.

OMG! Matthew Gray Gubler looks gorgeous in these pics. Click on the arrow on the top picture. There are 6 of them. www.mrporter.com/journal/Journal_issue13/1
The article is decent, too.

Oven-roasted tofurky sandwich for lunch. Yum.

Sorting through coupons to send in a swap. So many I want to keep! But, I know I won't use them all! So, trade rather than waste.

Damn sliding door came off the runner again! It's gotten really old having to fix it every day.

Wow! I just won this for free, 50 pieces plastic ear backs

Rain is gone. I went out and clipped the dead Easter lilies and pulled the dead blades off the ornamental grasses. Started cutting back the lavendar that is getting out-of-control. Will finish that tomorrow.

Nikky had her first brushing with a slicker brush. She wasn't too sure about it, but did well. She has a thick undercoat for a Chihuahua. Probably because she was possibly an outside dog before and never been brushed! She'll get used to it! Candace got some brushing in, too.

Yummy spinach bolani with jalapeno jelly and cream cheese for dinner. My mouth is on fire!

I'm still hungry ...

Organic apple slices with cinnamon. That should fill me up.

Yep. Missing Criminal Minds again ...

Finished another color on the cross-stitch.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011

I dread work today ... it's going to be a very long day.

Nikky loves my office chair. The minute I get up she is in it!

It's been raining most of the day, but not heavily.
Going to so some spot cleaning of the carpet.
My hands stink now. Must wash them again. Ah. Goat's Milk/Oatmeal/Honey soap is a winner.
Nikky stole my chair again ...

Going to list a bunch of labels and such on Listia now. I'm down to my last 2 auctions there. I've been lazy lately!

For some reason the Twitter link is not working for my auctions today ...

Auction: Apple Address Labels

Auction: Blue Swirl Address Labels

Auction: Boxer Address Labels

Auction: Wooden Button Address Labels

Auction: Celestial Address Labels

This is annoying that I can't Tweet my auctions directly!

Auction: Ezy Dose Oral Syringe - NIP

Auction: Sleep Mask

Auction: Clear Ears - NIP

 Auction: Infant Nail Clipper

Auction: Pregnancy Test - NIP

I guess that's all I will list today. Hope to list more tomorrow.
Going to have Trader Joe's Chicken Lasange and Trader Joe's Naan Bread for dinner. Can't wait. I am starving. I only had a Nature's Path Lotta Apricotta granola bar when I got home. Missed lunchtime.

I need to start making cards and envelopes to list online ... Just have to get in gear and decide the designs, etc. I need to start getting some rubber stamps and die-cut supplies, too ... I have lots of papers and other stuff already.

Just had to fix the sliding glass door again. One of the rollers popped off the runner again.

I am stuffed. And, I discovered that you can burn food in the microwave. My mom burned the lasagna! The cheese around the edge was black! But, we cut that off and the rest was fine.

Wow! Just got the PG&E bill. It is under $100 for the first time in about six months!

Glee was ... interesting. Sue is getting soft. And, I can't stand Jonathon Groff. Hope he won't be in in again. I didn't like him last season and I like him less now. I soooo love Chris Colfer's voice.

It is pouring rain right now and I need to take Nikky out soon ...

I finished another color on the cross-stitch.

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

Another cloudy day. Haven't seen any rain yet this morning, though. Just have one store to do here in Woodland, so hope it won't be a long day.

Hope there are some goodies in the mailbox from Friday and Saturday. I didn't go to the mailbox over the weekend at all. That's a first!! Nikky wasn't happy about not going for a walk, too!

Already made a few bucks catching up on some surveys this morning.

Load of wash is nearly done, too.

I was lucky I was doing a store here in Woodland. I thought I had all my paperwork in my folder for that store. But, nooooo. I forgot to put in a cost worksheet for jewelry so I could do a damages credit. So, I got everything done except for filling out the credit form and ran home to get the worksheet. Ran back to the store and finished. Just got home.

Nikky is doing pretty darn good with potty training finally. She's about 75% steady now.

Got some beautiful beads, a heat wrap and a bunch of Czech teas in the mail over the weekend. Yum!

Going to cross-stitch for a while now.

I need to make copies of my tax returns and my mom's yearly SS letter to prove how poor we are so we can continue to get a discount on utilities! I hate that ...

It's raining!!

Finally caught up on Glee episodes. Prom Queen was great.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011

I don't know what Blogger's problem was the past few days, but I finally was able to post THURSDAY'S blog this morning!! Crazy ...

Rained a bit overnight and still have some very dark clouds this morning. Lovely. No gardening today, though. I'm going to make some ATCs and button magnets. Way overdue on that!

Made two cute mask ATCs for a swap:

Going to make one with buttons now.

Well, the scan is blurry, but it turned out OK.

Made 2 Button Magnets for a swap.

Made a little catnip pillow toy for a swap. I used my own catnip! It is about 4x4 inches.

Very cloudy today with some rain once in a while.
I'm starting what I hope will be a fairly quick cross-stitch that I found at one of the thrift stores. Really cute. It came with an ugly grey Aida cloth, but I had some old beige tweedy-looking cloth called Fiddler that will look really good with it.

I love cross-stitching ...

Wow! I just won this for free, 100 Pack of Trading Card Sleeves NICE ! Ultra-Pro

I already have 2 colors finished on the cross-stitch!

May 12, 2011

Finally got to post yesterday's blog. Kept getting errors.

I'm giving away: 6 Boxtops For Education. Check it out - http://www.listia.com/ru68a/174106

I received the lot of health items I won on Listia last week! I bid on it for the olive leaf extract nasal spray. And, I'm keeping the cute little metal pill box. But, there was also a ceramic Neti pot!! I don't remember it stating it was ceramic in the auction. I am keeping that and the salt wash, too!! Going to toss my plastic Neti pot! But, I will be re-listing the other stuff in the lot this weekend.

I have to leave for work VERY early tomorrow to get back home to take my mom to a dr. appt. at 10. Luckily both are here in Woodland. But, I never know how long her appt. will be or I would just do the store while she is there. But, if she's not there long, I don't want her to have to wait in that dumpy old clinic.

Again with the damn Blogger issues not letting me post this!!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

Looks like it might be another pretty day. Damn work will ruin it for me, though. Going to be a long day.

Ended up only getting one store done. Having lunch now and will go out to pull more weeds in a bit.

Huh. I just had an interesting thought come to me while watching the news on the Mississippi River flooding. One guy mentioned Mother Nature. And, it made me realize how many people actually use that term and believe in it, even those in so-called organized religions! Maybe we're all pagans at heart! Ha!

I am totally amazed that there has been nothing on my Twitter or anything about the earthquakes in Spain! I am seeing it on the news first! That is unusual since I subscribe to several earthquake alerts. I guess just because they were under 6.0; but still the country rarely gets them and their buildings aren't made to withstand them. Lots of damage.

And ... tonight I'm missing the new Criminal Minds ...

Well, shit. Stupid Blogger won't let me post this tonight! Grrrr. Some kind of maintenance or something that I got no notice about or I would have posted it earlier ...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

It's nice out this morning. No wind! I just got in from watering all the tomato plants and refilling the bird bath. Nikky sure hates the water hose. Makes me think someone really scared her with one when she was younger.

Didn't really like the smoothie I made for lunch ... frozen pineapple, fresh blackberries, soy lemon yogurt and herbal fruit tea. I think it had too much pineapple.

Had a fairly easy work day. Tomorrow will be terribly long ...

Going to take Nikky out to work in the garden now.

I'm exhausted again! Just got done clearing all the dead stuff and weeds from the big brick planter in front. Nikky was very good again on the lunge line and slept on the steps while I worked. I smell like rosemary and itch terribly. I cut it back as it wanted to grow on the road! So, now it is about 3 inches above the road, hanging from the planter.

Missing Glee again.

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

Gotta work today. Don't want to, but have to ...

What a very long day for me. Just got home. I hate jewelry ... The wind is really bad today.

Damn neighbor's cat broke my bird feeder on the rail attacking a mourning dove. Dove got away, luckily. Now, I have to try to figure out where to put another feeder the damn thing can't reach!!! I'm pissed. I liked watching them right outside MY window ...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8, 2011

Busy morning. Cleaned the doves' cage, vacuumed their room, walked to the mailbox with Nikky. Got a cute ATC and also a grocery cart caddy. The caddy has velcroed straps to hook to the shopping cart handle with pockets for coupons, note pad and pen. I still need to make one of those for the swap!!

Going out to garden now. I am going to pull out the rest of the damn allysum that grows like weeds and then plant some wildflower seeds in that space. Going to put Nikky out on the lunge line to help me. Need to take another allergy pill first, I think. It is nice out. Lots of cloud cover, but I doubt it will rain. It is keeping the heat away, though.

I am really itching now! Damn allysum ... Got a lot done, though, cleared out about 90% of the allysum and a bunch of other weeds. Will be able to plant the wildflower seeds some time this week. Must eat lunch now.

I finished reading Dresden Files #9 the other day and realized I don't have #10 yet. I have nothing else I want to read!! Yes, I have lots of other books, but I wanted to keep reading these!! I do want to get started on the Donald Strachey mysteries, but I don't have Book 1 of that yet. I have 4 of the books, but not #1 ... guess I will have to work on some crafts ...

Working on a black/white dotee doll.

I just finished Bianca Black Dotee doll.

It's actually chilly right now!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 2011

Seems much cooler today.

Wow! I just won this for free, Pale Orange Freshwater Pearl Beads

Wow! I just won this for free, COOL & UniQue Jewelry BEAD lot!! Egyptian/African?

Wow! I just won this for free, thermacare heatwrap : neck,wrist, shoulder **BRAND NEW**

Walked Nikky to the mailbox this morning. Got some interesting swaps. Won't be keeping them, though! Just not my style of things.

Came back and cleaned more blood spots off the carpet. Candace still springs a leak now and then, but not like she had been.

Then, cleaned the dusty ceiling fan blades and got it going again. And, blocked off the laundryroom with an old card table so Nikky can't get out the screen. That's a temporary fix until I can get some baby gates next month.

My allergies are soooo bad today, but I HAVE to get some things done outside!!! Maybe after lunch ...

I did get some weeds pulled for about 30 minutes this afternoon. Did about a 3 foot section. Then, I had to come in ... it got nice and cloudy later in the day. Really cooled things down nicely.

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

Wow! I just won this for free, NEW Sealed RED AZTEC SPINACH Huazontle ORGANIC Vegetable Seeds

Wow! I just won this for free, Lot of Health Items Sinus and Allergies
I really wanted that olive leaf nasal spray. I'll relist all the other items in the lot.

I've decided to just make a run to CostCo and WalMart this morning. No work until I get home and do some weeding and deadheading of old flowers.

And, I have a lot of online stuff to do and need to finally get some crafting done!

I. Am. Totally. EXHAUSTED!!!! But, I got lots of good stuff. I even got another fan, the screen 'door' I wanted for the laundry room AND a certified organic tomato plant that has HUGE tomatoes on it already - called Black Krim. I would have bought more chicken, but CostCo had their freezers torn up and the chicken in piles! No way I was buying any of that! So, I got lots of lamb and pork and turkey.

Yum. I just made a smoothie with fresh blackberries, a frozen banana, a cup of herbal tea, and a cup of Stonyfield Greek Honey Vanilla yogurt. So good.

I'm giving away: 10 Various Used US Stamps. Check it out -

I may have to start using another pocket watch. I bought new batteries for mine. I've had it for well over 5 years. I don't think it's going to keep working. Will have to pull out one of Papa's old wind-ups to use if this one stops working.

Got the new tomato planted in a bin. I but the whole thing in, pot and all. It is in one of those degradable dirt pots, no plastic. And it also came with it's own wire cage! Not a bad deal for $12.99. It is huge with lots of tomatoes and flowers. Almost 3 feet tall on it's own. Watered all of the tomatoes and found out Nikky (who came out to help me) does not like the water hose! She ran and hid by the carport gate until I was done! She'll have to get used to it as I give baths outside in the hot weather!

I put up the new screen in the laundry room. I'm going to have to figure out a way to make a gate or get a baby gate for the bottom part as the door is so narrow that it won't go tight and the breeze is moving it in and out ... So, I laid a folding chair across the bottom for now. Nikky would be able to get out without that if she noticed the opening. Will figure something out this weekend.

Dinner was so yummy. I made fried lamb steaks with artichoke/olive ravioli in peppered olive oil. And, had cinnamon apple slices. Nikky is munching on a lamb bone that still had some meat on it.

I'm going to leave a couple more of the yahoogroups I am in this weekend. One is a swap group and the other was one I really liked in the beginning, but now all everyone does in it is bitch and moan and complain! I don't need that. It seems for every hundred messages, I delete 99!

Newman's Own Ginger O cookies are yummy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011

I've barely been up an hour and having demands made on me all morning!

In good news, Nikky has been very good 3 mornings in a row and done both potties! Good girl! She is getting really good at asking finally.

Going to do one store today and go shopping at the Co-op and CostCo and WalMart. Since she can't go shopping because of her knee hurting, we won't be going this weekend. I'm going to get it all done after work today and tomorrow.

Sorting through my coupons now and then have to head out.

Ugh. It is hot out. I just got home. Put the groceries away. I love the Co-op, but I always spend way too much. They had some great coupons in their store circular and I used almost all of them! Will go to CostCo and WalMart tomorrow. I didn't want any of my frozen stuff to melt! Having the rest of yesterday's foot-long Sub for lunch. Took Nikky out and had her run the yard for a bit. I've discovered she loves to run her energy off now that she is pretty much healthy. She still has a residual cough. Hope to get her spayed next month.

I love Bio Allers Allergy/Sinus nasal spray. Always works! And, I am also trying out Hylands Seasonal Allergy Relief pills.

Nikky is a licker. I haven't had a licker in YEARS. It is very irritating! I just want her in my lap, but nooooo. The little tongue has to come out and start reaching for my neck or along my arm ...

OK. So, they won't release death pics of Osama bin Laden, but they did release the death pic of one of his sons ... Ick.

I really need to get back into creating some things. I feel so lazy ...

There are a couple of groups that I am in that have some members that are soooo needy for attention. The owner really seems to have no control. She'll allow them to really get out-of-control and riling others up and then when she can't get a handle on things unsubs them. Then, the other members start whining about why was she unsubbed. I'm very close to leaving both groups. They were both fine when there were a lot fewer members, but now there are far too many and she can't handle all of them, it seems.

My new favorite snack is raw cashews and organic raisins. Yum!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4, 2011

It's going to be breezy and hot again today.

It's smoothie time again!!!! Made a banana, blackberry, pumpkin smoothie with vanilla soymilk.
I got home about an hour ago. Only did one store today. Good I came home. My mom fell again. She tripped on Nikky. The minute I came through the door - I need your cane! I told her last week to keep using it whether she liked to or not. Nothing wrong with using a cane! But, nooooo. So, now she'll use the cane. grrr.

I wanted to work in the yard, but the wind has picked up again and all I want to do is sneeze! Damn allergies. I took 2 different pills this morning before I left. I don't want to take another!

So, I'm going to scrub out my tea pitchers and make more sun tea now.

Great. Now my mom wants me to get her crutches as she doesn't like my cane ... going out in this heat now. It is 88F. The things I do ...

Damn. It is now 90F. I think I might have to turn the air on! I spent $45 on crutches. She better damn use them! And, I got Subway. Too hot to cook.

Got the crutches adjusted and she is using them! Subway was gooood. I'm stuffed right now. I like their new raspberry/white chocolate chip cookies.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011

OMG! AT&T actually sent a check for .27c! That's what they owed after I turned off the landline phone.

Got a couple of good things in the mail yesterday. Bar Pins that I won on Listia and a cute ATC from swap-bot.

I stopped at the little thrift store/bazaar in West Sac today and bought a few little things for a swap. One of them was an old Avon owl that still had some sachet in it. I washed it out as it was icky, but the scent is still lingering! I've washed my hands several times! Awful! It's probably a nice smell to some, but I can't handle any fragrances!

I'm kind of sad. I've decided not to do any international swaps after the ones end that I'm already in. It is just getting way too costly ... I've got a package going out tomorrow that will be around $12 to send. Too much.

I decided to pay my home loan payments direct from now on. I pulled the money out of my main bank and went to the loan bank and paid cash and it posted today! No more using the damn billpay that usually takes over a week to post! There've been a couple of times it was almost late, it took so long! I can't risk that.

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

OK. So, I deleted the stuff I wrote the past 2 days as I kept forgetting to send this out! Wasn't much, though. I didn't do anything but list some used stamps on Listia and read lots of fanfic. Felt like crap. Still do, kind of. But, going to work today.
Last night's news was surprising about bin Laden's death. About time. I am finding the reports a bit suspicious and contradictory, though. And, that is bothering me. But, certainly nothing I can do about it!!

I had a nice surprise when I checked my bank account this morning! I already got my tax refund!! Paying a few bills early today! And, getting printer ink and some groceries before I come home!

Damn, it's supposed to get to 90F this week! I'm not ready for that! I need to go out and turn off the gas to the furnace when I get home today. Wasting it since we haven't used it but once last month.

This morning is flying by! Gotta get ready to work now.

Damn. I just agreed to help another rep in Yuba City on Friday with a Walgreen's reset ... ugh.

Yay! I just sold my $25 iTunes gift card! For $25!

Helping in Yuba City got cancelled. Can't say I'm surprised. The rep up there is an odd one ... oh, well. I'll do my own stores!