Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

It's nice out this morning. No wind! I just got in from watering all the tomato plants and refilling the bird bath. Nikky sure hates the water hose. Makes me think someone really scared her with one when she was younger.

Didn't really like the smoothie I made for lunch ... frozen pineapple, fresh blackberries, soy lemon yogurt and herbal fruit tea. I think it had too much pineapple.

Had a fairly easy work day. Tomorrow will be terribly long ...

Going to take Nikky out to work in the garden now.

I'm exhausted again! Just got done clearing all the dead stuff and weeds from the big brick planter in front. Nikky was very good again on the lunge line and slept on the steps while I worked. I smell like rosemary and itch terribly. I cut it back as it wanted to grow on the road! So, now it is about 3 inches above the road, hanging from the planter.

Missing Glee again.

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