Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

Looks like it might be another pretty day. Damn work will ruin it for me, though. Going to be a long day.

Ended up only getting one store done. Having lunch now and will go out to pull more weeds in a bit.

Huh. I just had an interesting thought come to me while watching the news on the Mississippi River flooding. One guy mentioned Mother Nature. And, it made me realize how many people actually use that term and believe in it, even those in so-called organized religions! Maybe we're all pagans at heart! Ha!

I am totally amazed that there has been nothing on my Twitter or anything about the earthquakes in Spain! I am seeing it on the news first! That is unusual since I subscribe to several earthquake alerts. I guess just because they were under 6.0; but still the country rarely gets them and their buildings aren't made to withstand them. Lots of damage.

And ... tonight I'm missing the new Criminal Minds ...

Well, shit. Stupid Blogger won't let me post this tonight! Grrrr. Some kind of maintenance or something that I got no notice about or I would have posted it earlier ...

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