Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011

I don't know what Blogger's problem was the past few days, but I finally was able to post THURSDAY'S blog this morning!! Crazy ...

Rained a bit overnight and still have some very dark clouds this morning. Lovely. No gardening today, though. I'm going to make some ATCs and button magnets. Way overdue on that!

Made two cute mask ATCs for a swap:

Going to make one with buttons now.

Well, the scan is blurry, but it turned out OK.

Made 2 Button Magnets for a swap.

Made a little catnip pillow toy for a swap. I used my own catnip! It is about 4x4 inches.

Very cloudy today with some rain once in a while.
I'm starting what I hope will be a fairly quick cross-stitch that I found at one of the thrift stores. Really cute. It came with an ugly grey Aida cloth, but I had some old beige tweedy-looking cloth called Fiddler that will look really good with it.

I love cross-stitching ...

Wow! I just won this for free, 100 Pack of Trading Card Sleeves NICE ! Ultra-Pro

I already have 2 colors finished on the cross-stitch!

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